Another update for XBSX2, here are the changes:

26-09-2022 Release

  • Enables D3D12 as the default renderer again on fresh/reset configs.
  • VSync is now enabled by default on fresh/reset configs.
  • Reactivates the button Pressure Modifier.
  • GameDB Updates.
  • Removes “Precache Texture Replacements” and “Use Debug Device”.
  • Backport – VMManager: Fix per-game memory cards getting ejected on boot.
  • Backport – GS/HW: Vertex/index pointers should be constant.
  • Backport – GS/HW: HLE shuffles (more like copies) done through moves


Here are the changes for todays update of XBSX2:

19-09-2022 Release

  • The Game List should now be sorted alphabetically regardless of title capilization.
  • There is now the option of the Game List or the Game Grid, default view is the Game Grid however.
  • Game List Settings are now featured within the Games List.
  • Using LB/RB to jump through the Games List has been removed due to the new Games List layout
  • Resume State Thumbnails are now featured upon booting a game with a valid resume state.
  • There is now a setting which will reset all settings to their default values (excluding controller/hotkeys).
  • GPU Palette Conversion is now disabled by default on fresh configs.
  • RetroPass is now supported (Thanks to RetroPassDev). Solves #21
  • You can now invert the direction of the analog sticks.
  • The Cover Art crash no longer occurs (May still happen to users with huge collections).
  • Lots of Backports


TheRhysWyrill has released XBSX2 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
XBSX2 is a port or fork of the PS2 Emulator PCSX2, here are the changes in this version:

  • Widescreen and No Interlacing Patches are finally fully functional thanks to t3.
  • Fixes an issue with ICO that previously made the game unplayable thanks to t3.


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