VitaPad has been updated to version 2.0.0, here are the changes:

Main stuffs

  • New menu on main screen
  • Allows enabling/disabling user interface elements for active screen
  • Adds ability to modify the position of individual touchpad controls and their placement (either on front or rear touchpad)
  • Prevents Vita from going to sleep instead of autodetaching when not in use
  • Introduces ability to save newly added generic settings and touchpad control settings

Minor stuff

  • Use PS button to disconnect instead of SELECT + START since PS button doesn’t get registered by gamepad anyway
  • Moved connection status label
  • Added version label
  • New sleek background image on main screen


You can discuss it on the forum here:

carlelieser has released VitaPad, a plugin that turns your PS Vita into a USB controler for use on your PC, here is some information about it:

This is an improved version of the vitastick plugin by xerpi with added functionality, improved code readability, and some major changes that increase reliability and usability.

  • Simple and elegant interface
  • Ability to use rear touchpad controls (L2/R2 & L3/R3)
  • Reduces clock frequencies when active to reduce power consumption
  • Disables use of power and PS buttons while gamepad functionality is active (this allows the gamepad to continue working as necessary)
  • Automatically disconnects after 2 minutes of inactivity


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