Rinnegatamante has updated VitaDB Downloader to version 1.5, here is what is new in this version, plus the other versions since I last posted about this when v1.0 was released:


Version 1.5

  • Fixed a bug causing potential crashes if you had a few specific apps installed with a very big eboot.bin file.
  • Fixed a bug causing more than a popup to not always show in certain circmustances.
  • Fixed a bug causing the first icon of an app being shown after a sort mode change, a search or a filter change to be wrong
  • Fixed a bug causing cached hash files to be incorrectly generated when installing an app (Resulting in slower boot times).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented changelog parser to properly escape ” char.
  • Made cleanup check for leftover unfinished app installs more robust.
  • Added app name and version on changelog viewer titlebar.
  • Properly aligned Filter text to Search text
  • Added some padding between Filter and Sort mode.
  • Added possibility to customize font.
  • Added possibility to properly customize any leftover uncustomizable element of the GUI.
  • Moved missing icons download from everytime you hit an app lacking the icon to boot time (for all of them).
  • Made so that Sort mode can be cycled only with R.
  • Added themes downloader and manager with single theme and shuffling themes support (Reachable with L).
  • Moved from SoLoud to SDL2 Mixer as audio backend. (Way faster booting time for the background audio playback)
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when opening the changelog viewer in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug causing VitaDB Downloader to be reported always as Outdated.

Version 1.4

  • Added a check after installing an app wether the installation succeded or failed.
  • Added proper cleanup of leftover files when an installation is abruptly aborted or fails.
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong icon to be shown when performing a search and moving to the first app of the list.
  • Fixed a bug causing app info to be shown also when cursor is not on an app.
  • Added requirements popup when attempting to install an app having extra requirements for a proper setup (Eg. Plugin requirements or full data files from original game).
  • Added possibility to customize color scheme for all GUI elements (ux0:data/VitaDB/themes.ini).
  • Added proper tracking of applications state (Not Installed, Outdated, Updated).
  • Speeded up boot time. Now VitaDB Downloader will launch approximately one second faster.
  • Added possibility to check changelog for the selected app by pressing Select button.
  • Renamed “Category: ” option to “Filter: “.
  • Added possibility to filter applications by Not Installed/Installed/Outdated criterias.
  • Fixed a bug causing page down (Right arrow) to not properly reach end of the list when a filter or search was active in certain circumstances.

Version 1.3

  • Made so that fast paging down with right arrow will go as down as the very last entry.
  • Made visible on the top menubar the currently in-use filter for the apps list.
  • Reworded data files installation question to sound more correct.
  • Added Smallest and Largest sorting modes.
  • Added a dropmenu to change sorting mode (L / R is still usable for cycling between sorting modes).
  • Added possibility to cycle between category filters with Square button.
  • Using different granularity (B, KB, MB, GB) for homebrew sizes depending on the size itself.
  • Added free and total storage info on bottom right of the screen.
  • Aligned to left homebrew names in the apps list.
  • Added support for backgrounds (Both static (ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.png) and animated (ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.mp4)).
  • Added a check prior downloading an app wether free storage is enough to install it.

Version 1.2

  • Added possibility to start a search rapidly by pressing the Triangle button.
  • Fixed a bug causing the app to crash if the background music file was missing.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the app to be updated from within the app itself.
  • Added auto updater.
  • Fixed an issue causing crackling and stuttering with audio during archive extractions

Version 1.1

  • Added a check when more than a month passed since last boot. If this happens, provide an option to the user to re-download all app icons at once.
  • Added possibility to fast scroll apps list with Left/Right arrows.
  • Added possibility to fast scroll apps list by moving the scrollbar with left analog.
  • Added possibility to instantly return to the top of the list by pressing Circle (Previously it was Circle + Left).
  • Fixed a bug not making scrollbar instantly reposition when going to the top of the list.
  • Fixed a bug causing selected app icon to get corrupted temporarily after installing an app.
  • Added background music (You can disable it or change the track by removing/replacing ux0:data/VitaDB/bg.ogg)
  • Fixed a bug causing selected app to change randomly when changing sort mode.

When I posted earlier about Rinnegatamante working on a Vita Homebrew download, I did not expect it to be ready today, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this thread.

Rinnegatamante has released the official download client for his Homebrew repository, this should alleviate all problems that other downloaders seemed to face.



  • Searching by author/homebrew name.
  • Filtering apps by category.
  • Viewing of all available screenshots for apps.
  • Sorting apps by different criteria (Most Recent, Oldest, Most Downloaded, Least Downloaded, Alphabetical)
  • Showing of several metadata for apps.
  • Download and installation of vpk+data files or vpk only at user discretion. (No more need to redownload data files every time you want to update an homebrew for which data files are unchanged)
  • Minimalist GUI based on dear ImGui with focus on robustness over fanciness.
  • Fast boot time (Only the very first boot will take a bit more due to app icons download. Successive boots will be basically instant)
  • Low storage usage (Screenshots are served on demand, the only data that are kept on storage are app icons with a complessive storage usage lower than 10 MBs).


Source Code

Help/Release Thread

Donate To Rinnegatamante For His Hard Work.

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