JonathanDotCel has released version 8.0.K of his Unirom8 Bootdisc, here are the changes:

Version 8.0.K
– GDB debugging via nops/vscode/etc (Thanks Skitchin)
– New ROMs including Tonyhax & nocash bios on the CD
(Thanks to Squaresoft74, no$, MottZilla & TonyHax peeps!)
– Can install FreePSXboot on 64k scam memory cards
– Can launch homebrew from memory card (tool included)
– Flash ROMs from memcard
– Backup ROMs to memcard
– Tetris game (to replace flappycredits)
– Switch to Caetla 0.38 by default
– – Longer wait to fix MCPro boot issues
– Ability to change the 2nd rom, relabel it, etc (see
– Static entry point at 0x1F000140 (or 0x1F020140)
– Fixed a ton of TTY spam on e.g. Need For Speed (thanks Rama!)
– Fixed an issue detecting dual-EEPROM carts introduced in 8.0.J (thanks Square!)
– Added an unhook option in uni & nops
– Fixed /jmp not working in kernel debug mode
– Fixed /cont not working properly when triggered by a `break` instruction
– Switched to faster DMA-based CD access (thanks Nicolas & Rama)
– Fixed a hook mask issue (Thanks Skitchin)
– Beefed up memcard write verification a bit
– [nops] `nops /gaps` and `nops /flat` to force datel V2 cart mode on/off
– [nops] Longer timeout in sio for shitty wifi connections (thanks Skitchin)
– Bishi Bashi working (PAL/NTSC-J)
– Kings field working (NTSC/NTSC-J)!
– Gundam 2 working (NTSC)
– Rayman 2 Working (NTSC)
– Rayman 1 broken :o!


JonathanDotCel has released an update for his Unirom8 Bootdisc, this update is aimed mostly at developers:


Mod-free Playstation 1 Bootdisc + Firmware with Import Player for Xplorer, Action Replay and Caetla-Compatibles

Update info

This update just adds an alternate version of the main Unirom executable.
It’s intended for developers, so, if you already have 8.0.J, hold on for the next one!

See stuff/README.txt for new file details.


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