h4570 has updated his open source game engine for the PS2 to version 2.10, here are the changes:

*Fixed bugs in obj loader (loading meshes with mixed materials (no texture/texture)
*Fixed dynamic pipeline for rendering meshes with multiple materials

This comes a few days after the big 2.0.0 update:

*Docker image with Tyra, all tools and PS2DEV C++20 compiler
*3D rendering via VU1 coprocessor:
**Static rendering
**Morph animation rendering
**Super optimized, custom minecraft block renderer
**Debug rendering (lines, boxes, bboxes)
**Manual rendering (a’la OpenGL)
*2D rendering
*Frustum culling:
**Simple – culling whole mesh
**Precise – culling only visible parts of mesh
**Standard “fake”, but fast PS2 clipping done in VU1
**Software triangle done in EE Core
*Optimized math functions via VU0 coprocessor
*Background music and sound effects support
*Pad support
*.wav Audio file support
*.obj 3D file support
*.md2 3D file support
*.png Texture file support


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