alex-free has released version 1.04 of Tonyhax International, a successor of the original Tonyhax.
Tonyhax International works on ALL PS1 models and PS2 models up to SCPH-39000, here is a description from the source:

The Tonyhax International loader is the program that is booted on any PS1 or an early PS2 that enables the use of backup CD-Rs or import PS1 discs. The Tonyhax International loader can be booted on your PS1 with a GameShark/cheat cart, flashed memory card, save game exploit, or CD-R. It provides the ability to properly play backup and import discs on all PS1 consoles, and early PS2 consoles (Japanese, USA, and PAL up to SCPH-39000). If you are using any Japanese console, at least one real NTSC-J PSX game disc is required. No real PSX game disc is required for USA/PAL consoles.



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