Super Mario UniMaker has been updated to version, here are the changes:
*Fixed crash on the level selector
*Fixed the overselection bug on the level selector
*Added a message when they are no custom/saved levels to show
*Replaced web links by qr codes
*Added full joystick support for editor/play modes


MEGAgameBoy has released a PS Vita port of Super Mario UniMaker:

Super Mario UniMaker is a fan game of Super Mario Maker that lets you make your own Super Mario levels. You can Create/Play and Modify levels at your will ! Original game by NinStar.


  • Fixed custom levels bug (levels don’t show)
  • Changed custom levels directory

  • Added the ability to load customs levels
  • Added the ability to save your own levels
  • Added the ability to import and modify levels
  • Compiled using YYC for the best performances
  • You now need to use DPAD/face buttons for navigating the settings
  • The SELECT button now switch between edit and play mode
  • The START button do play on the main menu
  • The SELECT button do create on the main menu
  • Fixed the bug when Mario can’t grab any items
  • Removed unnecessary Discord RPC components (do not work on PS Vita)
  • Source code release



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