Version 0.0.4 has been released, here are the changes:

  • Bezier Patch and Project System Update
  • Through much pain and effort the maths to generate the patches has been solved and has been added to this version


  • Point R3C3
  • Correct Patch Rendering so it looks as it does in game
  • Project System Loading


  • Fixed Many Many Bugs
  • Removed the ability to load files directly and now go through the project system
  • Texture Library Now only Displays Textures as they can now be edited externally
  • Note: Levels need to be Extracted through the beta version of my ssx multi tool included with this realize.


GlitcherOG has released an application that allows you to edit levels in the awesome PS2 game SSX Tricky.


  • Spline viewing/ Editing
  • .Big Importing and Exporting
  • .map Exporting (Meaning Patches and Spline Names Will stay the same after exporting)
  • Notification Bar
  • Button to toggle a back background in texture library
  • UV Editor
  • Movement of objects
  • Added Start Emulator Button
  • Added Hide Buttons


  • Adding and Removing of Textures
  • Fixed Textures Being Dark
  • Improved No Light and Lighting System
  • Many Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Selection not working
  • Redone large parts of existing systems to increase performance
  • Made it so textures only export on any changes done
  • Fixed Patch Style not setting correctly
  • Transparent Textures will now display as such in terrain
  • Fixed Bug where textures where the wrong way


  • Texture Library Access
  • Exporting and Importing Of Textures
  • No Light Mode


  • Improved UI
  • Patch Style Dropdown
  • Selection Highlighting Fixed
  • Fixed Patch Points Being Dark
  • Added All Patch Settings
  • Made Textboxes go red with invalid selection
  • Error Texture if no texture is present


  • Probably a billion issues i dont know about but…
  • Currently Allows You to edit the type of Terrain, General Shape and Texture
  • Requires level big archives to be extracted and all the files to be in the same folder


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