[RELEASE] Qwikrazor87 ports Davee & some1’s Chronoswich Downgrader for use on OFW 6.61!

WARNING! Use at your own risk. There is little point updating to 6.61 atm so risking the downgrade should only be undertaken on consoles that can be affected by a Pandora battery and MMS.

So following the release of OFW 6.61 and the subsequent testing by various protagonists in the psp ‘scene’ (qwikrazor87, The_Zett, SMOKE587 etc) there have been some releases. Qwikrazor87 has ported/hexedited Davee & some1’s Chronoswich Downgrader for use with OFW 6.61. Currently it has been tested on some consoles but not all as yet. Also there is a bug that “corrupts” a 6.60 updater when attempting to use it which renders it useless on the E1000 (Street) version (not that downgrading to 6.50 [min version] serves any purpose anyway). As it stands one can now downgrade from 6.61 to 6.20/5.03/5.00 (just sampling the significant firmwares).

Again use at your own risk!

Source: TWITTER – Check out @qwikrazor87’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/qwikrazor87/status/556569485016985600?s=09

Source: Wololo.net/Talk – http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=41227

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