GDX-X has updated his PS2 application to version 1.1.1, here is what the application does, followed by the changes.

PFS-BatchKit-Manager is a batch script that lets you install PS1 and PS2 games and also allows you to backup PS1 and PS2 games as well.


  • Added Some information when Transfer PS2 games (Titles, Gameid, Region, Disctype, Format, Size)
  • Added Maxcso for convert ISO TO ZSO
  • Added Support ZSO files (You can either convert your iso to zso or install the already compressed zso files. Put .zso files in DVD Folder)
  • Added Dump CD-ROM & DVD-ROM PS1 & PS2 With Redump Tools and other alternatives (Support CD, DVD, DVD9) (Depends on optical drive compatibility)
  • Added Checking for updates When launching the batch (A message will indicate if an update is available)
  • Added an option if the file exists it will extract the ARTs if no internet connection is detected Or if download link is down
  • Added Support LSP Educational Gameid for PS1 Games (Creepy games)
  • Added Some gameid in PS1 & PS2 database + small cleanup
  • Added Alternative for Transfer PS2 Game from network with hdl_svr_093.elf instead NBD-Server (The transfer is a little faster)
  • Added Install Dokan Driver in one clic (Allow Mount Any partition in windows Explorer)
  • Fixed a small bug which prevented the detection of DVD9 in ZSO format
  • Fixed Crash when create cheats with mastercode
  • Fixed the few bugs with the conversions
  • Optimization and some cleaning of some parts of the code.
  • Updated hdl_dump (Support modded games)


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