Version 1.7.3329

  • GameDB: Correct incorrect GTA SA fix (JordanTheToaster)
  • IOPBios: Implement the different iomanx stat file modes (Ty Lamontagne)
  • MemoryCardFolder: Add write osd notification. (Stuart Kenny)
  • GameDB:add HWfixes to Steel Dragon EX (Mrlinkwii)
  • MemoryCardFolder: Use icon osd notification method. (Stuart Kenny)
  • Common: Add StringUtil::ToChars() wrapper (Connor McLaughlin)
  • INISettingsInterface: Use ToChars() for int/float conversion (Connor McLaughlin)
  • GameDB: Disable InstantVU1 for SoTC (JordanTheToaster)
  • VMManager: Fix per-game memory cards getting ejected on boot (Connor McLaughlin)
  • GS/HW: Vertex/index pointers should be constant (Connor McLaughlin)
  • GS/HW: HLE shuffles (more like copies) done through moves (Connor McLaughlin)
  • GS/Vulkan: Fix redundant constant buffer reuploads (Connor McLaughlin)
  • gitignore: Don’t track bad_shader logs (Christian Kenny)
  • GameDB: Add a bunch of Korean games. (lightningterror)
  • Started playing Burnout 3 today on PCSX2 and got a notification about an update, so thought, now is as good a time as any to start posting about this great PS2 emulator, here are the changes in this version.

    Version 1.7.3327

    • Qt: Fix fullscreen/window size being enabled in game list (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Qt: Deduplicate interface code and reduce core coupling (Connor McLaughlin)
    • GameDB: Fix DOA 2 naming. Yamasa Digi World add missing & fix naming (noigeaR)
    • GameDatabase: Add gpuPaletteConversion = 2 value (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Qt: Fix crash on clearing controller bindings (Connor McLaughlin)
    • GameDB: More fixes, less missing (noigeaR)
    • Core: Remove trailing whitespace from all files (TellowKrinkle)
    • PAD: Remove weird unused binary file (TellowKrinkle)
    • VMManager: Re-add .mdf as a disc filename (Connor McLaughlin)
    • 3rdparty: Move imgui in-tree (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Build: Use in-tree imgui (Connor McLaughlin)
    • GameDB: fixes letter C + some missing A/B fixes (rufotheone-fr)
    • Revert “BiosTools: Allow BIOS region patching” (Ty Lamontagne)
    • QtHost: Fix Unicode command line arguments (Silent)
    • 3rdparty/imgui: Fix text input with gamepad (Connor McLaughlin)
    • 3rdparty/imgui: Round when DPI scaling instead of flooring (Connor McLaughlin)
    • FullscreenUI: Fix controller setting saving (Connor McLaughlin)
    • PAD: Add analog stick invert and button deadzone options (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Qt: Open host input method on imgui text edit (Connor McLaughlin)
    • StringUtil: Add UTF-8 encode and decode (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Path: Make sanitize routine follow OS rules (Connor McLaughlin)
    • GameList: Use sanitized game titles for covers (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Common: Add HTTPDownloader implementation (Connor McLaughlin)
    • CI: Add libcurl to appimages (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Qt: Add cover downloader (Connor McLaughlin)
    • FullscreenUI: Various improvements (Connor McLaughlin)
    • InputManager: Split AddBinding() and AddBindings() (Connor McLaughlin)
    • VMManager: Fix toggling game fixes per-game (stuck enabled) (Connor McLaughlin)
    • VMManager: Fix inactive per-game bindings taking precedence over global (Connor McLaughlin)
    • VMManager: Ensure MTGS is finished before resetting (Connor McLaughlin)
    • Qt: Make FastCDVD per game only (JordanTheToaster)
    • IOPBios: Properly increment host dir iterator (Ty Lamontagne)
    • IOPBios: Differentiate ioman and iomanx dread & getStat HLE (Ty Lamontagne)
    • Config: Preserve memcard types instead of wiping to defaults (#7065) (RedPanda4552)
    • GameDB: Add missing DB entrys (JordanTheToaster)
    • GS-wx: Rearrange debug checkboxes in advanced tab graphics settings. (lightningterror)
    • PAD: Update to latest controller database. (PCSX2 Bot)
    • GameDB: Spyro NTSC-U bloom fix and add missing PAL demo disc. (#6960) (icup321)

    Download – Click on nightlys

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