Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) have released an update to their popular game recording/streaming software:

  • Fix macOS updater not updating to newer versions [Rodney]
  • Fix YouTube Manage Broadcast dialog being too large for 768p displays [cg2121]
  • Fix broken prefix for obspython binary module on Linux [PatTheMav]
  • Fix hotkey settings screen not accepting all input on macOS [PatTheMav]
  • Fix memory leak with mpegts [pkv]
  • Fix crash when left-clicking on non-multiview projectors [r1ch]
  • Fix I420 HLG support [rcdrone]
  • Fix resource leak in v4l2-output [shoffmeister]
  • Fix source name edit textbox not accepting input on enter [PatTheMav]
  • Add support for reading NV12/YUY2 PQ/HLG [rcdrone]
  • Fix spacing in scene and source tree [gxalpha]
  • Fix Qt5-linked plugins crashing Qt6-based OBS builds on Linux [kkartaltepe/norihiro]
  • Update volume controls decay rate on profile switch [PatTheMav]
  • Fix crash when removing filter after changing a value [PatTheMav]
  • Fix frame sharing and colorspace issues for macOS Virtual Camera [PatTheMav]
  • Fix crashes and unusable property button for VSTs on M1 Macs [PatTheMav]
  • Fix Light theme Studio Mode labels and T-bar [shiina424]
  • Update media states when image source is de-/activated [WarmUpTill]
  • Don’t save/overwrite browser docks if CEF hasn’t loaded [WizardCM]
  • Fix DeckLink Output color range and space [rcdrone]
  • Undeprecate traditional capture sources on macOS 12 [gxalpha]
  • Fix startup crash on Intel Macs [Jim]
  • Fix NVIDIA Audio Effects not updating according to user selection [pkv]


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