LameGuy64 has updated his PlayStation 1 ISO disc image maker to version 2.02, here are the changes:

  • Fixed NOMINMAX redefinition warnings
  • added -c|–cuefile argument
  • default output name now derived from XML project name
  • added -l|–label argument
  • added ISO descriptor check in dumpsxiso

For those wondering what mkpsxiso does:

mkpsxiso is meant to provide a faster, cross-platform, modern replacement of the BUILDCD from the official development tools. BUILDCD unfortunately only runs on 16 bit DOS compatible systems and it’s output format is unusable by modern CD burning tools. Other ISO creation tools such as MKISOFS do not allow controlling the precise order of files (necessary for optimizing access times) and do not support mixed-mode type files for CD streaming such as XA audio and MDEC video streams used by many PlayStation games. mkpsxiso outputs either a standard .bin and .cue or .iso ready to burn to CD or use in an emulator! The hope is that mkpsxiso tools ease PlayStation homebrew development and ROM hacking and reverse engineer efforts. mkpsxiso can also be used as a regular ISO creation tool that complies with the older ISO9660 standard with no Joliet extensions.

mkpsxiso can properly license the image with the Sony license data during ISO building eliminating the use of the extra program. However, you must supply your own copy. It can be found in the PsyQ SDK, see Starting PSX Development. dumpsxiso can also dump the license data of an existing disk.


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