[Release] Download Enabler by TheFl0w



Developer TheFl0w has shared a new plugin for PlayStation Vita’s using HENkaku/TaiHEN. Download Enabler let’s you download files with blocked extensions via the Vita Browser. Sony has limited the functionality of it’s Browser to media files only.



To enable downloading VPK files and plugins directly to your Vita copy download_enabler.suprx to ux0:/tai/ and add the following code to config.txt:







Reboot your Vita afterwards, and try downloading homebrew from the VitaDB. The files will be stored in: ux0:download.


Changelog V3:

  • Improved code and now files with don’t overwrite existing files anymore, but are saved as filename (X).ext.


Changelog V2:

  • Fixed bug in Sony webbrowser where a HEAD request was made instead of a GET request. This also fixed the Cannot download using this system bug.
  • Changed download folder to ux0:download.


Source & Download: GitHub/TheOfficialFloW

Visit the forum for more help:
[Release] Download Enabler by TheFl0w

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