DdtankAndr aka marcussacana has updated his PS4 tool DirectPackageInstaller.

DirectPackageInstaller allows you to send a PKG to your PS4 using a direct link, the tool runs on Windows, Android, Linux and OSX, here is a little information:

The tool it self is very simple, the Remote Package Installer have an API that allow you put packages from URLs into your PS4 download queue, the DirectPackageInstaller just use that API to push to your PS4 the download URL, helping only to you preview the PKG that you’re installing.

With that said, the tool can do more than that as well, the PS4 have a very poor speed to download things from the web, but that is limited to WAN connections, when he is downloading something from LAN connection he can reach best speeds, with that in mind this tool have an automatically proxy server that your PS4 will automatically use to download your PKG, and with help of this proxy the poor speed will be basically solved.

The tool can works without the Remote Package Installer if you want, for that, just enable your binloader and the DirectPackageInstaller will be able to tell how the package should be installed. If the Bin Loader server is running and the Remote Package Installer too, the DirectPackageInstaller will give priority to the Remote Package Installer.

This tool allow you to install pkgs from RAR as well, in this case the tool will work in a very similar way to the other existing ones, but with the advantage that everything is done simultaneously, while the file is downloaded from the internet, it is being decompressed to your disk temporarily and is sent to your PS4, in this scenario you don’t need to waste time extracting large PKGs or depending on your file manager downloads, doing the post-download file reconstruction, everything is done simultaneously saving a lot of time of your life.

The Segmented Download mode will start a background multithreaded download of the PKG to your computer and send to your PS4 at the same time, this should be faster than the Proxied Mode with the disadvantage of having to allocate the PKG on your HD.


  • Preview PKGs Files
  • Standalone PS4 package downloads
  • Auto Proxy PS4 Downloads to Speed up
  • Support for RAR/7z files as well.
  • Resumable Downloads (Only from uncompressed files)
  • Segmented Downloads
  • Support for few file hosting links
  • Support for PSN update manifest (Splited PKGs)
  • Works with or without RemotePackageInstaller
  • Command Line Interface
  • JDown Click’n Load Support

Supported File Hostings

  • Any direct link (Without Authentication)
  • AllDebrid (API Key Required)
  • Google Drive (With or Without Authentication)
  • Mediafire (Without Authentication)
  • Zippyshare
  • PixelDrain
  • 1Fichier (Must wait 60 minutes after downloaded)

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