Triang3l has updated his Half Life map converter to Build 3 and 4 in the past 24 hours, this is a total rework of his his release from five years ago, here is a little description of what the map converter does:

Converts maps between the PlayStation 2 and the PC versions of Half-Life, also supporting converting Quake maps to Half-Life for the PS2 or the PC.

Build 4

  • Changed the word used for the random-tiled texture name prefix from “hyphen” to “minus” for consistency with the plus sign used for animated textures in the options list.
  • Build 3

    • Full rework — arguments are different now.
    • Using the original PC textures with pixel-perfect details and full 24-bit color from the WADs when converting from PS2 to PC if they are identical to the PS2 textures.
    • Gathering and using the original PS2 conversions of textures for consistency for converting from PC to PS2 if they are identical to the PC textures.
    • Bicubic texture resampling to and from powers of two.
    • More accurate texture palette conversion.
    • Fixup of incorrectly rendered minus-prefixed (originally randomly tiled) textures (interleaved and inverted) in PS2 to PC conversion.
    • Reconstruction of randomly tiled texture sets from WADs.
    • Subdivision of liquids and transparent surfaces done in texture coordinate space rather than the world 3D grid.
    • Constructing triangle strips for subdivided polygons for chains of surfaces, rather than by creating strips for individual surfaces and merging them afterwards; no more holes in subdivided polygons.
    • Various other accuracy improvements.
    • Quake map conversion to both the PS2 and the PC versions of Half-Life.
    • Development features: extracting textures from PS2 maps as .tga, extracting subdivided polygons from PS2 maps as .obj.


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