[RELEASE] Black ops 2 RTM tool BETA 0.25

yo hey guys what’s up. today i am releasing a beta version of my tool. the reason as to why it is a beta is because, well some shit doesn’t work xD but for the most of what’s actually in the tool, 90% works. so i am releasing this at the moment as a .exe only since i want you guys to give me feedback on the tool and if anyone is willing to help me with some of the things that don’t work/adding new features. it would be much appreciated :) below you can find some images showing the general look of the UI and i will post a download link shortly with a virus total.

if you guys want to help me with future releases shoot me a message or comment below :) thanks


p.s. the items with a red line through do not work yet and the one with a circle….ish… does partially work. 



Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ip01kybg9jhifm5/BLACK+OPS+2+RTM+TOOL+V0.25.zip

Virus total:







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