Rebug 4.80.1 Released – 5th May 2016

‘The PS3 scene is dead, wha wha wha’ – Oh shut the fuck up, it has been said many times by me that a scene never truly dies and you can ask @STLcardsWS what he thinks about people moaning about a ‘dead scene’.



 This new release, almost half way through 2016, shows that the PS3 Scene is quite alive and it will be for a long time, here is what has changed in the firmwares:


  • This system software update improves system stability 

              (More information found via New for 4.80)

  • Toggle Host information on XMB for DEX mode 

              (Now DEX users can toggle host information on XMB.)

  • webMAN MOD 1.43.28 

              (Added support for 4.80 CFW)

  • Icons for “cfw-settings” on in-game menu added

             (Proper icons for “cfw-settings”)






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