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It is almost that time of year, where retailers and buyers alike go crazy with selling and buying, this year it seems many retailers are starting their Black Friday deals a week early, so on the 17th of November 2017,  when i seen PSVR VR Worlds Bundle for £249 with free copy of Skyrim VR, i jumped at the choice to buy it,


The wife brought it home from Argos and i set it up, the setup process is quite easy as each section is numbered, the first game/application i tried was the “Joshua Bell VR Experience”, this was actually quite impressive, you are in a room, some dude in front of you is playing a violin, another beside you is playing a piano, this application could be considered somewhere between DVD and Blu-Ray quality, so i was quite happy and my expectations for other titles was quite high.

So i decided to play various titles and demo’s, YouTube VR was one of those titles and whilst it does give you that VR experience, the quality if fucking shit, i passed that off as it being YouTube and the people who were uploading them had crap camera’s or that YouTube was compressing them, so i continued trying various different games, “Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience” i found quite impressive, yes the graphics weren’t the most spectacular, it was impressive none the less.

Now by this time my left eye started to hurt, i put this down to it being my bad eye and that it was trying to work harder to focus than it normally would, i kept on using PSVR trying this and that, finding some stuff awesome and others dreadful, all the applications which contained VR Videos were brilliant and showed off VR spectacularly, unfortunately the quality was quite bad, which made me moan on Discord.

I went to bed that night with a sore left eye and woke up with the same eye being sore, so i thought i would try VR again for a little while, i tried some non VR games like “The Witcher 3” and whilst it looked like i was viewing the game on a massive projector screen, that screen seemed to be a non HD one, the text was basically illegible and the blurriness all around the edges was annoying, i then gave YouTube VR another go, checked many videos and was impressed by what i seen, well apart from the crappy quality and the blurriness, the blurriness had been there on all my previous tests of games and applications, so i thought i would mess around with the settings when the kids went, i did everything, the “eye length test”, turned the brightness down etc, it seemed to improve it a little, so i thought i would give Skyrim VR a try.

The very first screen i was presented with, gave the the option of starting a new game, i had to guess it was that, as the menu was in the bottom right and it was so damn blurry i couldn’t make a damn thing out, i though ok that’s just the menu, the game started and i was hit with the realisation that i just fucking wasted £250 on a device that isn’t worth even half that, the abomination which i live streamed can be seen here:

No, i am not playing a PS2 game on a very old projector, i am playing Skyrim VR on PSVR, i did expect that the graphics wouldn’t be great, but i never expected it to be this bad and the fucking menu lines with the constant jagginess, its almost 2018, not fucking 2000 what the fuck >.<

So i went to bed last night feeling somewhat disappointed and feeling a little low, but i was optimistic because i knew i could return it and get a refund………………………………………………………………

Oh wait i fucking can’t, because i already opened the product.


So not am i only left with a £250 paper weight, i also am left with some blurriness in my eyes that won’t go away, but it’s my own fault, i remember when i was younger and i used to watch professional wrestling, my brothers kept telling me that it was all fake, i kind of knew it was, but i didn’t want to admit that it was all acting, because i wanted it to be real, the very same thing has happened with PSVR, numerous people told me it wasn’t great, they said it wasn’t worth the money and through watching videos i knew the games wouldn’t be kick ass, but i wanted to make my own decision, however i never expected to be so disappointed.



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