PScoverBOX v1.1.1 : coverboxs for webMAN

PScoverBOX v1.1.1

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@0_obeWAN has updated his application PScoverBOX to version 1.1.1, here is a list of the changes and some other information:


Update VERSION 1.1.1
* Some corrections made.
* Update composite.exe (x86).
* Option to set the IP address of the console.
* Option to ulpload the coverboxs on the console.
* Option to fix the conflict between Webman and multiMAN.
* Option to return to PScoverBOX menu.
* Option to exit. Adding credits to Zar & myself
* Opening Folder Options “source” and “target”

Needed : 
vcomp100.dll, included in archive
For Windows 32bit copy to C:\Windows\System32
For Windows 64bit copy to C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Instructions :
1/ Extract folder “PScoverbox1.0”
2/ Run file batch “START.bat”
3/ Follow instructions in command prompt.

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