#PS4 Game Sharing Modchip English Usage Tutorial – PS4 MTX Key

The PS4 scene has been quite excited about this new Modchip for the PS4, below you will see an English usage guide:




  • Compatible with Models PS4 10, 11 & PS4 Slim 12
  • 6x Wire Installation for an Easy Install!
  • Compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.72
  • Allows you to move your downloaded Games to your Hard drive

First apply a PlayStation Network (PSN) account.(please bear in mind about your personal information that have been used during the application, cause these information have to be provided when you need to revive your account.

You can download games to the portable Hard Disk drives, using the Hard disk cloning machine to copy to other hard disk drives. And then dismantle your friend’s console, welding the hacking chip(PS4 MTX KEY ModChip) list below.

The full tutorial can be seen here

Below are some more videos:

In other news, the background of this device is as seedy as the device itself.

A PSXHaX developer was selling the board for over $5000, shitty website has shitty developers is nothing new, but a huge fucking scam artist as a member of staff is a bit of a surprise, his board got leaked and cloned by the Chinese who are selling it for around $50, now he is all upset, here you see the little ‘suka’ crying his ‘zhopa’ out:


Visit the forum for more help:
#PS4 Game-Sharing Modchip English Usage Tutorial – PS4 MTX Key

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