#PS4 #Firmware 2.0 Available To Download – Video And Fail

The firmware has been out for about eight hours and it knocked PSN offline.

The firmware itself is decent, i now have a pink background on my PS4, yay…

Unfortunately fun things such as uploading images to Twitter and video’s to YouTube fail miserably, music plays well and is quite loud, it seems that at the moment, only M4A, MP3 and MP4 audio is supported, but that might change in the future, here is a fail video made by me, showing some of the news features and some of the fails that happened when i was checking it out, there is much fail, sorry >.<

You can download the firmware directly on the console, if you are interested in playing your own music, add a folder called Music on the root of your FAT32 formatted Mass Storage and inside that add your music files.


I will look for some better video editing software for the next time :)

Here are a couple of images of the shut-down screen:



Also here is an image of massive fail that PS4 owners are experiencing:



More Fail:


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