PS3 DECR 3.41 PUP with P&P!NwsXmYzb!lD8LHe3kKPZv1ZQswUnYD2u94ejqUl0oj3NkbiJ9XVM

after trying to convince 3absiso to install this PUP on his DECR, he finally did so after downgrading today. and he can now dump the NAND, dump lv1 and dump lv2, which will let us discover more about the DECR itself.

this is a plain old DECR Peek&Poke 3.41 mfw made with mfw builder. anybody is welcome to use it. and i’m glad good old mfwbuilder works just as fine for DECR PUPs :)

edit: just a note, it has included lv1 and lv2 peek and poke.

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