[PS2 Tutorial] How To Install An Internal Memory Card

The awesome tutorial written below, was created by Xhase

Hello folks!

Today, I come to you all today with a Tutorial on how to install a internal memory card inside your PS2!

Today, I’ve done this modification to a:

The reason I’ve done this is to prepare for FMCB.


First you need to disassemble the memory card of your choice and prep for soldering.
If your looking to use your memory card again externally, I suggest soldering near the top of the contacts like I’ve done in the picture above.

Next is soldering the wires.
Your going to want to have Even length wires for this to work right, and what I’ve used here is just wires from a standard USB 2.0 cable.


After you’ve soldered all the wires to the memory card, your going to need to prep solder to the contacts on the memory card slot.
(If done correctly, you’ll still be able to use the port if you unsolder the existing wires that come in the next step)


Here’s the trickiest part, soldering to the memory card port contacts. These are ruffly intermediate as far as difficulty. When solder is on your iron, when touched to the contact it should flow on there. (Add solder if not)

This is your finished product! vvv




Some pictures are hard to get since my iPhone wasn’t focusing Tongue anyways,
I hope this helps!


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