PS Vita Webkit Exploit


Davee a veteran from the PSP hacking days has released an exploit that is able to execute natively on the PS Vita via the Webbrowser, here is a quote from Davee:

 As you have probably seen, a small PoC webkit exploit for 2.60 was released for the psvita. You can test your vita yourself by visiting the link here:

At first the exploit only supported 2.60, which happens to be the firmware my vita is on. The exploit now supports up-to version 3.18 and code execution demo with ROPTool will be shown over the next while.


A quote from Wololo

Famous ex-psp hacker Davee released yesterday a proof of concept exploit for the PS Vita, running through the webkit browser. (and yes, you get to try it, hold on!)

Davee came back to life a few weeks ago, releasing a framework to help with the development of exploits on ARM CPUs, through RO programming based hacks. It wasn’t long before he announced this exploit.


And a quote from Hackinformer

Yesterday, DaveeFTW released some interesting info on the Psvita Webkit exploit. At the moment it is only good for firmware 2.60, but as dave said “it should be simple to adapt to new firmware”. So now that this info has been released, other developer’s can start playing around with ROP script’s.



Here is an interesting tweet from yifanlu:



Here is a video i created, it shows the exploit running on my 3.18 PS Vita, i also tried it on my Wii U and PS4, just because they were there :P

Didn’t try on PS3 as the HDD is corrupted and it was mending itself and the 3DS was too slow:

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