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The PS Vita is two years old and the Vita TV is about one year old, it was recently released here in the west as PlayStation TV(PS TV), regardless, it is still the same as the Vita TV, both of which are PS Vita’s without screens.

Now whilst i could rant about how terrible the games compatibility is on the PS TV, i won’t do that, i will instead talk about the lack of basic app’s, such as YouTube and Netflix and state that there is no damn reason that these app’s should already be usable on the PS TV, one could use the ‘they wont because they use touch screen controls’, but that would be a lame excuse as Sony have used the thumb sticks in exchange of the touch screen, but even so these apps are not appearing on a device that Sony themselves call a ‘Media Hub’.

So if you are interested in making a changed and getting these type of app’s on the PS TV, or even better apps on the PS Vita itself, then sign the petition linked below, here is a quote from the petition:

PS Vita

In the EU gamers have to be content with YouTube, TuneIn Radio, Music Unlimited and Live From PlayStation, certainly not meeting the needs of consumers. While we appreciate that in many cases it is the service providers that need to develop these apps or need to arrange for localisation, we firmly believe that there is a lost opportunity for revenue from additional subscribers to these services from PS Vita and PlayStation TV owners wanting to access these services.

With the PlayStation TV things are even more bleak. There are no services available even though many are available on the PS Vita despite the console having identical hardware. Having the phrase “TV” in the name implies that some form of on-demand services are available and the lack of these is off-putting to potential buyers.

What we are asking is for all divisions of Sony Computer Entertainment across the globe to collaborate and ensure that additional services become available and enhance both consoles for gamers and the service providers in question. The services are available already on other platforms so we do believe that localisation rights would not be an issue so we feel that it is only app development holding these back. As such we would call for the following to be produced and made available (not an exhaustive list:YouTube (in additional territories and for the PlayStation TV):

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Netflix
  • BBC iPlayer
  • 4oD
  • Blinkbox
  • Demand 5
  • ITV Player (a dedicated app, not the web-based portal seen on the PS3)
  • IGN
  • VidZone
  • Music Unlimited (rolling out to additional territories)

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