PS Vita Memory Card Dumped

mr.gas and tomtomdu80 over at Wololo have managed to dump the PS Vita’s memory card, of course as some devs mention, its not ground breaking new, but it is a step closer and more information than we previously had, i personally think its awesome news.

A screen shot from mr.gas shows the dump has these folders:

  • app
  • appmeta
  • bgdl
  • calendar
  • data
  • email
  • game
  • license
  • mms
  • music
  • patch
  • pspemu
  • SceIotrash
  • temp
  • user

Along with these two files:

  • inconlayout.ini
  • id.dat

To find out more information and discuss the article, visit the source here:
Vita memory card dumped by mr.gas and tomtomdu80

Small note as not to cause confusion, the image i have used above does not belong to mr.gas and tomtomdu80, it does not represent anything they have done to achieve this, it is however one of my mega fails :p

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