PS Vita Firmware 3.50 To Launch Soon

As many of you already know, tomorrow, March 26th, the 2.50 update for PS4 is getting released. In the shadows, theres another device that will also get an update, namely the PS Vita.

PS Vita Firmware 3.50 To Launch Soon

Update 3.50(whatever happened with 3.37-3.49 no one knows) is a mandatory update, not only for PSN access, but also to be able to remote play your 2.50 PS4… Yeah… On the plus side, Sony claims the Vita will now stream the gameplay in 60fps…. whether thats true or not remains to be seen.

While not confirmed yet, it is believed that this update is the “march update” Sony have mentioned a while back.

So what is new in this awesome update(assuming its the ‘March update’)? Well…
60fps remote play to PS4
No more Youtube
No more Maps
No more Near

(Most likely, not confirmed)All <=3.36 exploits patched, INCLUDING bubbles.

So yeah, this is an awesome update for the Vita, more features removed! Wait, what? Yeah, you read it right, nothing new, just stuff getting removed…

To make matters worse, it is also believed that this update will not only patch the exploits, but also break the currently installed exploits. This has not been the case with 3.18->3.35->3.36, if you had an exploit(clarification: A custom bubble) already, and updated, the exploit(bubble) would still work.

However, all may not be lost, as its rumored that quikrazor has found an exploit that is virtually unpatchable. The downside? You will need a CFW PSP, or an already exploited Vita in order to get his exploit running. We are still talking about ePSP exploits, by the way, no native Vita exploits still(surprise surprise).

To read more about the patch, head over to’s article.

To read more about the supposedly unpatchable exploit, head over to’s other article.

And finally, I hope my sarcasm got through, but just to clarify what I actually think of this “update”:

This is bullshit. Fking useless piece of crap sony only thinking about removing shit and blocking eCFW.

Dont update unless you really want to remote play your PS4 games from the Vita.

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