PS Vita Bubbles – When Will The Banning Start ?

PSP Homebrew Bubbles on the home screen of the Vita have been the talk for a while, but just like the PS3, they have a bad side effect.

A couple of weeks ago, i was made aware of this problem because The_Zett retweeted this image:

Then retweeted this one the following day:


He also tweeted his own screen captures:


What it looks like from your own PS Vita:


What it looks like on the PlayStation App:


What it looks like on PS4:


Now Sony didn’t start banning PS3 owners straight away, they waited a little while, then started mass banning, you can see this, your friends can see this and there is no doubt that Sony can see this, plus some ass clown has probably already reported it to them, so will they start banning ?

They can with their own type of law take information from your PS4, without needing your consent as can been seen here:


So I’m sure they have something similar on the Vita, so when you are using your Vita with bubbles, they are logging it.

Though perhaps they won’t care, perhaps there aren’t enough bubble users that they feel the need to ban anyone, but if they do ban, it will more than likely be both the account and the Console ID.

Account Ban = Other accounts can be made and used with the Vita.

Console ID Ban = No account will ever be able to be created on this Vita again, you are effectively banned from every PlayStation service on PSN.

What is your opinion ?

Do you think we will start seeing Vita owners being banned ?

Will Sony Ignore ?

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After i tweeted this article xmaxkatsu posted what its like to have your Vita banned:
Posted Image

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