Progskeet V1.21 Signal-Booster

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Progskeet V1.21 Signal-Booster



Hello. First of all, sorry for my bad English. :)

We all know how good the Progskeet V1.1 is and how hard it is to get one of this these days. But on the other hand, the Progskeet V1.21 no one wants, cause everyone know about the problems (never detect the correct NAND ID, freeze at read or write operation….).

The solution of the problem is not very difficult. hjudges has recognized the problem at his first NANDway Software (where you can select which NAND (NAND0 or NAND1) you want read/write). He changed the software and wiring, so the Teensy focus 5 Lines per signal line. The StarShip2 (the NAND Controller on the PS3 Board, which manage the NAND ICs) set a High Signal on some signal lines. Without this modification, whenever the Teensy (or Progskeet V1.21) want set the signal low, the voltage level is not low enough (at the Progskeet I measure circa 1,5V). The level is therefore undefined.

Moreover the Flat-cable between Progskeet and Slave board is too long (who has the idea, a 40cm cable is ok???).

I develop a piece of Hardware which make the same for the Progskeet, what hjudges makes with the NANDway Signal-Booster. I replaces the Y-board between Progskeet and NAND-Clip and Boost the relevant Lines. I got positive feedback from every User which got a Signal-Booster from me. A disadvantage compared to the ProgSkeet V1.1 is unfortunately the stability if the NAND is powered by the USB port. mostly this worked, but sometimes it freezed. to fix this problem, I added a 5V to 3,3V voltage regulator and a 5V power supply, which work perfect every time (you can leave off the regulator, if you use directly a 3,3V power supply).

I designed two PCBs. the first PCB is a little bit greater than the second, but its designed as a single-Layer board (with a few simple bridges)

the second PCB is less then the first and have additionally a voltage regulator scheduled, but is a 2-Layer Board.

(I placed the xgerber files and the project data in the zip file. you can send this pack directly to your PCB Service)

single-Layer Board (without voltage regulator):

dual-layer Board (with voltage regulator):

You need the following parts:

1x 15-Pin flat cable pitch 0.5mm (15cm or shorter)

1x 5V power supply (3A should be enough)

1x 5V to 3,3V voltage regulator (LMS1587CS-3.3)

1x 32-Pin FCC flat cable connector, pitch 0.5mm

1x 50-Pin FCC flat cable connector, pitch 0.5mm

1x 10µF tantalum SMD-0805

4x 100nF capacitor SMD-0603

4x 74HCT08 SOP14 or 74HC08 (the other 74…08 variants are not CMOS compatible)

I hope I could help someone

with kind regards

esprit1711 from psXtools Team :)


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