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  1. All those chips are AVR afaik, here are some code examples. https://www.microchip.com/doclisting/TechDoc.aspx?type=CodeExamples This site can be helpful: http://www.avr-tutorials.com/
  2. marvin

    Modified PS3

    Sadly I don't use proxy as i'm on CFW. Maybe someone other can help.
  3. marvin

    Modified PS3

    Mod that was done is called HAN. If you want to play online, don't update (4.82 is golden firmware for now). Just use proxy to spoof your firmware version.
  4. You can dump only games that are running on exploitable firmware, for now 5.07 games are max. 5.50 and newer can't be dumped now. Afaik, dumping from sandbox is only way for now. Also i'm not 100% sure about usability of plain files from BD, i think they are encrypted, or something like that.
  5. Webman mod use version of plugin, mysis original latest release is which changed a lot. Anyway, here is code from webman: https://github.com/aldostools/webMAN-MOD/blob/8e5976de8281cad2cc2740c908f7365ad92d9637/_Projects_/video_rec/main.c#L126 Looks like is VIDEO folder. To make sure you can delete that folder, and webman mod should recreate it automatically while record start (if i understand this code correctly).
  6. Which game you are trying to record?
  7. Afaik this is VIDEO folder on dev_hdd0.
  8. Small update. Added using rizzo signatures (kb = FFFFFFFF82200000) : atan2f 0xFFFFFFFF8226FED0 au_bsm_to_errno 0xFFFFFFFF8228C960 lgamma_r 0xFFFFFFFF8229D3C0 gbase_get_cu_redundant 0xFFFFFFFF822A4E40 e1000_raise_eec_clk 0xFFFFFFFF82340680 prison_racct_hold 0xFFFFFFFF823B7070 DesEncKeySet 0xFFFFFFFF823CA420 iodev_close 0xFFFFFFFF823FB6C0 sinh 0xFFFFFFFF824F8D00 ds_load_fault 0xFFFFFFFF8250AA80 es_load_fault 0xFFFFFFFF8250AAA0 fs_load_fault 0xFFFFFFFF8250AAC0 gs_load_fault 0xFFFFFFFF8250AAE0 nd6_na_input 0xFFFFFFFF82527E00 xhci_phy_init 0xFFFFFFFF82551780 nd6_ra_input 0xFFFFFFFF82573AE0 defrtrlist_del 0xFFFFFFFF82575630 in6_tmpifadd 0xFFFFFFFF825768B0 mdbg_pthread_fill_thrinfo 0xFFFFFFFF825825E0 hid_get_item 0xFFFFFFFF825852B0 hid_get_data 0xFFFFFFFF825863E0 hid_put_data_unsigned 0xFFFFFFFF82586510 vlan_input 0xFFFFFFFF82588F80 handle_allocdirect_partdone 0xFFFFFFFF825AE740 program 0xFFFFFFFF825E7F00 pmap_mincore 0xFFFFFFFF82627290 logb 0xFFFFFFFF82630FD0 sdhci_set_clock 0xFFFFFFFF8263A1C0 sdhci_getaddr_adma2 0xFFFFFFFF8263B520 sdhci_enable_sdio_irq_internal 0xFFFFFFFF8263B7C0 rman_reserve_resource_bound 0xFFFFFFFF8264EB70 rman_set_start 0xFFFFFFFF8264FB20 rman_set_end 0xFFFFFFFF8264FB40 rman_set_device 0xFFFFFFFF8264FC00 trash_fini 0xFFFFFFFF82651170 vm_kern_page_count 0xFFFFFFFF8265A6A0 atan2l 0xFFFFFFFF82664400 sceFatfsTimeStampSetDummy 0xFFFFFFFF8266E310 sceFatfsGetDosTimeDummy 0xFFFFFFFF8266E390 gbase_init_vbios_call 0xFFFFFFFF8269FF40 gbase_dump_hdp_regs 0xFFFFFFFF826AB9B0 fcSetCursorStereoOffset 0xFFFFFFFF8270CB40 bt_sbc_init_enc 0xFFFFFFFF8270CD30 dce_dcp_enable_dcp_crc 0xFFFFFFFF8270FF60 dce_dcp_enable_dcp_crc_source_dcp_output 0xFFFFFFFF8270FFE0 msdosfs_inactive 0xFFFFFFFF82710810 dce_dcp_program_comm_matrix_b_params 0xFFFFFFFF827158E0 dce_dcp_set_output_csc_graph_mode_comm_matrix_b 0xFFFFFFFF82715AC0 dce_dcp_set_grph_depth 0xFFFFFFFF827163B0 lb_init 0xFFFFFFFF82716600 clear_thread_target_from_dce 0xFFFFFFFF8271F850 get_info_from_event_queue 0xFFFFFFFF82723BB0 execute_task_v60post_timer 0xFFFFFFFF82724020 _event_queue_get_next 0xFFFFFFFF827240C0 flip_flipped 0xFFFFFFFF827266A0 dcp_set_grph_disable 0xFFFFFFFF82726FA0 clear_thread_target 0xFFFFFFFF827272B0 submit_flip_request 0xFFFFFFFF82727BA0 submit_eop_flip_request 0xFFFFFFFF82727CB0 get_total_flip_pending_num 0xFFFFFFFF827280B0 bt_avdtp_close 0xFFFFFFFF82797590 bt_get_rtc 0xFFFFFFFF827A2C00 interruptIn 0xFFFFFFFF827E0000 bdemu_cam_action 0xFFFFFFFF827FF4A0 srtc_rtc_write 0xFFFFFFFF82815390 srtc_rtc_read 0xFFFFFFFF82815C00 sceHdmiSetVideoConfig 0xFFFFFFFF828A9970 aux_submit_channel_request 0xFFFFFFFF828C81D0 aux_process_channel_reply 0xFFFFFFFF828C8490 StringToUlong 0xFFFFFFFF82922E40 + marked library functions (also using rizzo sig from previous fw). Download: https://mega.nz/#!Roxj1ATK!82R6uQR5UM-k7XtjluMrkhjAC8Kmvfa_xH5Ik7ONRuE Big thanks to @3141card I hope i didn't messed anything from your work
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 251 seconds
  10. Ah ok. sm_get_fan_policy is basically useless until you can set_fan_policy. I wasn't even dreamed about dynamic control. Thanks for explaining btw. Maybe someone will find it useful as is, at least as add-on to draw_temperature payload.
  11. @3141card Do you have elf with sm_get_fan_policy and sm_set_fan_policy mapped to file? I mean working version without need to inject addresses manually. This could be nice addition to already released files.
  12. Haha awesome! I started to porting some info to 4.81 db before i found your last post (trying to force 1080 on upscaler instead of 720p), now i don't need. Edit: Woo hoo configs data also there
  13. This guy made nice progress, there is a hope for more linux developement from him as he is focused on linux PPC / PPC64. Gaming on PC? I'm playing only PS2 games on PC, and some ubi games. All other games i'm playing on Ps3/4 Big thanks for sharing. Your db are always very well commented, what is nice addition for noobs like me. Actually netemu is most interesting, at least for me. Thanks again!
  14. Maybe @3141card can add here his netemu database? Is shame that other devs can't use his amazing work done on this emulator. As far as I know only IDPS was reason to not release it. Anyway, thanks for everything you made so far @3141card ! Nice contributions to ps3 scene!
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