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  1. marvin

    [Quiz] PlayStation 4

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 58/100 My Time 251 seconds  
  2. Ah ok. sm_get_fan_policy is basically useless until you can set_fan_policy. I wasn't even dreamed about dynamic control. Thanks for explaining btw. Maybe someone will find it useful as is, at least as add-on to draw_temperature payload.
  3. @3141card Do you have elf with sm_get_fan_policy and sm_set_fan_policy mapped to file? I mean working version without need to inject addresses manually. This could be nice addition to already released files.
  4. Haha awesome! I started to porting some info to 4.81 db before i found your last post (trying to force 1080 on upscaler instead of 720p), now i don't need. Edit: Woo hoo configs data also there
  5. This guy made nice progress, there is a hope for more linux developement from him as he is focused on linux PPC / PPC64. Gaming on PC? I'm playing only PS2 games on PC, and some ubi games. All other games i'm playing on Ps3/4 Big thanks for sharing. Your db are always very well commented, what is nice addition for noobs like me. Actually netemu is most interesting, at least for me. Thanks again!
  6. Maybe @3141card can add here his netemu database? Is shame that other devs can't use his amazing work done on this emulator. As far as I know only IDPS was reason to not release it. Anyway, thanks for everything you made so far @3141card ! Nice contributions to ps3 scene!
  7. What is your actual speed while FTP ISO?
  8. marvin

    [Quiz]Super Mario Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 54/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  9. marvin

    Aldo's Tools Link

    Probably. From AV side it looks very dangerous. - Not popular exe executor - Bruteforce in file names - Not popular tools able to encrypt ppc64 executables - Many windows registry modifications - etc. Can be wrong, but this is link we originally used (CAN BE WRONG). Is not first time we get hit like this from google. Swizzy's github for example is another "warning generator". Which is interesting, because github is not affected at all..
  10. marvin

    Aldo's Tools Link

    @GregoryRasputin We removed this file (and links) because google is marking every site that got it with "Side ahead contain harmful program." screen. Or something like this.. That's why is so hard to get it anywhere.
  11. marvin

    How to | Install Free MC Boot on most slim PS2

    Sorry I don't have PS2 with working drive. Not sure that FMCB installer need all those files to install. But your point make sense as installer elf itself just install FMCB if not find other files like OPL or ESR. So we land in point where we have FMCB but can't use it. So you're right here.
  12. marvin

    How to | Install Free MC Boot on most slim PS2

    Nice tutorial. Anyway I can't understand one thing. Why we can't use "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" in place of cogswap at start?
  13. marvin

    PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

    5.5.2? Isn't that firmware released 3 weeks ago?
  14. marvin

    Welcome CaptainCPS-X

    Welcome on forum @CaptainCPS-X
  15. marvin

    Transparency Regarding Article Removal

    Maybe I should add PS4 SDK tag to every resource on our site? Also Posting 10 hours youtube videos called PS4 SDK Link inside should make them some work. Or posting ~1000 threads called "PS4 SDK link here"? Anyway is sad how uninformed, and stupid persons can be lawyers, or DMCA workers (referring to cTurt sdk removal notice on wololo). Hope they will find someday themselves in similar situation like scene sites are now. I hope then nobody will care about them, and about they did something wrong, or not. Just like they doing right now to us..