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  1. Glad to see this place growing ?
  2. Hello all! Im assuming the site was down for awhile? I do remember trying to visit it and getting that damn error and with time forgot about this place. Earlier today I was talking about the old PS3 days with a buddy and remembered this lovely place today so I have returned for now ?. I just looked at my profile it says I never donated but I do remember donating $10 on the .it is that because we are on .xyz now? what up with that???? Anyways good to see a bunch of old names on here still lurking and posting ?
  3. I hope they have firefight and trick attack for online those were awesome with friends
  4. I'm not a big fan of this media player. It looks rushed, I don't think we will ever be able to import music and movies to the ps4.
  5. I can confirm that it's automatically displayed just like Spotify. All you have to do is download.
  6. Or that "Dev" is getting a cut of the ad money
  7. Is there even anything released so people can make ps4 homebrew? I never seen anything so why make this?
  8. Yeah I'm okay without multiplayer but the price should be way lower. Photo mode is not worth $60.
  9. Uncharted 4 and some other game they haven't said but this also doesn't have multiplayer. so I'm not sure why its $60 yeah you get 3 games but 2 are missing multiplayer so price should be lowered I'd say.
  10. If it doesn't have kojima, then there's no need for it.
  11. No one will blame bobby for you acting like a fool. No one deserves to be talked to that way, just because you want to act like you are a hardass who "knows" a lot and who has files. Don't start sh$t won't be sh$t.
  12. Yeah I still have the game luckily and it still plays with no issues. I'm just waiting for them to take the game away from people who already have it installed.
  13. Search on eBay for ps4 P.T. people are trying to sell their ps4s way over original price. I'm talking $1,000+!
  14. I'll go for 195 thanks for the giveaway!
  15. You need a psn account to be able to see the "what's new" crap. No account, no what's new. You should also read what people here are telling you instead of ignoring us and keep talking about your dumb problem.
  16. So your saying there's a chance?
  17. Nah don't worry about some stupid icon. Just focus on the app. Itself thanks for your work.
  18. At least this guy made something. Its not a complicated program so I see no reason why to waste more time on a icon.
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