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  1. http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/Game_Titles The page has been updated with all the lists and spreadsheets I could find. Please add to it!
  2. Could this be used in conjunction with an old web browser exploit (or yours) for a HEN?
  3. Gotcha, thanks zeco! Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I figured I'd ask since there was a downgrader update for DEX that doesn't require flashing. Guess it doesn't matter though since it doesn't exist.
  4. Hey people! I had a hypothetical question for the seasoned vets. If someone were to obtain a min praxis 3.56 DECH console (if they exist), would they be able to get CFW on it? I know there is a 3.55 DEX downgrader, but if the min praxis is 3.56, that wouldn't be an option, but for regular consoles a 3.56 min praxis can be flashed with a patched dump. Cheers
  5. Hello! My Blu-Ray drive is broken in my CECH-2504, and I want to remove it since I have no need for it to be fixed. I'm looking into putting an extra 1TB 3.5" HDD that I have into it, but I believe the standard HDD power plug (made for 2.5" HDDs) might not be able to properly power the 3.5" drive, and the devwiki says it may be unsafe, so I'm looking to power it off of the Blu-Ray power line. Does anyone know the pinout of the Blu-Ray or maybe alt points for it? Or do you think there's a better way to tap into the required 12V? Cheers!
  6. Gotcha, thanks for the reply! Things are starting to click a little better as I'm looking at the Keys page on the Devwiki. Do you know of either a lecture, video, or flowchart that may help explaining order and precedence of keys? I see this link is referenced in the wiki, but is dead: http://www.mhlavac.info/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2010/03/lec2.pdf
  7. tl;dr version: Can you downgrade to any OFW firmware above your minimum praxis firmware, regardless of model? So I've been around the end-user scene for a little while now, and I just had a random question pop into my head. I'd like to get a better understanding of the inner workings of downgrading on a conceptual level. Please correct me on anything wrong with the below statements. My understanding of downgrading is that when you patch a backup, it changes the ROS0 and ROS1 (which are the core operating system and a copy of the operating system prior to that one for fa
  8. Hey man, do you know of any good starting points for how to actually work with it, like a series of "hello world" to more advanced tutorials? It seems all of the links for tutorials are dead and not on archive.org. I know a few programming languages, but I'm at a loss with how to get started with this environment. I've got the Windows version of PSDK3v2 set up and I can download the Irisman source and compile and create a PKG out of it; but I have no idea where to get started with the formats, what files I need to create or how to get them working with it. My end-game is to make a
  9. Hah, good point The box should be called "Brewology Store Olds"
  10. Wall of quoted text incoming! That's odd, WebMan MOD has been removed from Brewology? It looks like it was left over from the original owner (when there was like 3 pages on the wiki). I don't check the links often on pages, since I've put 99% of linked pages on archive.org or are Brewology, so good catch! Most users won't really care where the information came from though, and if they really want to know, they're capable of just Googling it. Like I said, I might link every page to a release page (if it has an active one) for a full features list, but right
  11. Ah, I'll give it a try. I was hoping someone would have the VM handy, but that'll do. Thanks!
  12. Again, it's a single person effort and I admitted in the OP that "there may be minor errors". So far, you haven't pointed out any inaccurate information (aside from maybe the Kingsman credit), which I would immediately fix, just areas where more details should be added which I've taken note of. " I think mistake #1 is you think ps3hax.net is a viable top website ... people actually think [PS3HAX] is still a viable source of news and information and it simply is not anymore." I don't support PS3hax or anything; I just used PS3hax as an example because, like you said, man
  13. Thanks for the feedback @STLcardsWS. I realize that information is missing and that some of the credits information may be inaccurate (honestly that was probably the hardest part to track down because there are so many collabs under a single name, people releasing other people's work, and anonymous releases). for releases such as CFW you have no information and tell users to check out those places for info" The firmware page is meant to be a mirror page for if the main release site is down (for example PS3hax has been going down often recently), because I had a lot of
  14. IIRC (with PS3 at least), BD-J allows you to send JAR files to the HDD with no limit on how much space you can take up. I think you could run emulators from a Blu-Ray, have it create save files, wrap the save file in a JAR, and then store it on the HDD so you can have saved games. You might be able to store ROMs on the PS4 HDD as well if wrapped in a JAR file. The one big downfall I think is that there's no audio, and I'm not sure if it'd be possible to restore audio. Not a scene dev, but just some thoughts.
  15. Let me know what you guys think of it! I'm open to feedback, suggestions, and fixing tiny spelling errors. You can reach me here, or on reddit with the handle /u/Derf_Jagged
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