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  1. Geany http://www.geany.org/
  2. I've only updated the first post with the fix, seems that it resolves all problem also in mode Cobra.. EDIT: Updated the first post with the new and last fix (i hope) to Cfw Ps3ita Cobra 4.65 Dex
  3. That a typo sorry, only ps1 and ps3 are supported
  4. Guys a "small" update.. Fix for Game Disc in Mode Normal (error 0x8001003D) - Install and start new version of CFW Setup (v5.0.1) http://turbobit.net/7r7an04ia1u6.html wait the reboot of console.. - Try games that did not work before NOTE: the procedure must be done only one time If you have not yet installed the CFW you can skip this procedure, the fix has been integrated into the CFW v1.01, find the link at first post. Use one of these Backup Manager - multiMAN v04.66.10: Download! - Game Sonic Manager v3.59.2: Download! - Webman integrato NOTE: Ps3ita Manager does not
  5. Have fun.. Ps3ita Team airart, KyRt, Rancid(o), twingolover, Zz_SACRO_zZ (Grazie Sacro ) OLD UPDATE FEATURES - Switch between COBRA and NORMAL mode ** - Direct access to PSN - Change automatically the console id at boot time * - Spoof to fw 4.70 - webMAN 1.41.16 MOD [ps3ita ed.] integrated (only COBRA mode) *** - System Manager integrated (only NORMAL mode) - Full support to TMAPI, ProDG e CCAPI v2.60 in COBRA and NORMAL mode - RSOD bypass - Ability to perform in-game screenshots - Ability to use the "Remote Play" from any PC - Ability to restore the options "Backup Utilit
  6. There is no instant ban.. It' s random.. I only try connect my ps3 to PSN for test.. I stay online to 3 hour and I have not received ban, other people report the same.. Maybe who received the ban instantly was already in the sights of sony.. and received the ban just got back online.. Many people who have been banned use the cheat online and sincerely ? I don't care of these people! But one thing is true.. go online with the spoof is not a good idea! However everyone can do as he wants, he is always been warned of the risk.. I play online only on ps4 and it is wonderful...
  7. I started with this book: http://www.abebooks.com/9780132404167/Program-5th-Edition-Deitel-Paul-0132404168/plp
  8. Hi guys, anyone know how to find the simbols of cellFsOpenDir, cellFsReadDir, cellFsCloseDir, cellFsRmdir in the lv2_kernel ? I need added them to cobra source..
  9. Oh thanks.. i have to try.. Sorry for the OT..
  10. Never heard of it, i obviously missed something.. Can anyone tell me the patch ?? I am trying to understand why the ProDG Target Manager does not work with cobra... Maybe this flag can help me..
  11. Guys, look at payload_460.c... The value in the third pokeq in remove_lv2_memcpy is wrong! static inline void remove_lv2_memcpy() { int n; poke_syscall = 7; for(n = 0; n /* restore syscall */ //remove_new_poke(); pokeq(NEW_POKE_SYSCALL_ADDR, 0xF821FF017C0802A6ULL); pokeq(NEW_POKE_SYSCALL_ADDR + 8, 0xFBC100F0FBE100F8ULL); pokeq(NEW_POKE_SYSCALL_ADDR + 16, 0xEBC2FEB07C7F1B78ULL); //THIS!! pokeq(NEW_POKE_SYSCALL_ADDR + 24, 0x3860032DFBA100E8ULL); usleep(5000); } }[/code] Change it to:
  12. Hi guys, i'm very happy to be here! Good luck to the new site!
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