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  1. Fingers crossed these are legit. Would be nice to see what the ps4 hardware would be capable of once opened.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 10 seconds  
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 22/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  4. Hey @GregoryRasputin how's life treating you mate? How's the family? I have just popped on to check in on the scene and noticed this thread! It touches me that I made an impression for you to remeber me. But it doesn't touch me the way @Mr.Dutch touched me! I am still trying to forget about that!! To cut a long story short My wife and I had our 4th child (finally got our little girl!) and ended up getting rid of my ps3, ps4 and xbox. Had a bit of a hectic few years and recently had a few mental problems and feel like a yo-yo but getting there! We also bought our first house about a year ago and then realised BT hadn't layed any copper to the estate, so they rushed it. Managed 0.01mb so got it taken out and then pretty much just used my phone for most things and forgot about the internet lol. Usinging my Mobile as a hotspot is a killer on my data! It has been in the papers and through the government how much of a fuck up bt have been so we have a date for fibre to be complete by september but I ain't keeping my fingers crossed!
  5. I will give chrome a go for the translation. I can't wait to see images of the build for the resident evil one. How long could a mod like this take you? what do you estimate?
  6. Would be a cool feature if you could have an option for different languages :-) If not I can still look at the pictures. I can't read anyways lol
  7. Love the idea of the resident evil mod. Will defo be keep an eye on updates. Just a shame I can't understand german
  8. smartymarty


    My eldest is 9. I tried to show him some snes games and megadrive games and he said they were rubbish! I couldn't believe it! Them games and consoles were the best haha. So he decided to show me how to play a few games on the ps3 that i have never played and he kicked my ass! I will stick with sonic Thanks @HulkWogan, and to be honest going from 3 to 4 hasn't been as bad as what I though...... so far. Just getting used to night time feeds again. My wife likes hotdogs and now I know why @Mr.Dutch! She used to like party sausages untill 10 months ago Cheers Greg. By the way I just got this message: You have posted a message with more emoticons than this community allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message Just realised it takes quotes into count aswell. Had to delete a few of the emoticons people :-( sorry
  9. HaPPy Birthday matey :-) Had to make it look like it wasn't a copy and paste..... someone is on to us!
  10. smartymarty


    Cheers everyone :-) this is out fourth child. 3 boys and finally a girl You know too much about me......... Have you been talking to my wife? lol
  11. smartymarty


    Just a quick message to say I have been missing recently due to @Mr.Dutch......... On a serious note My wife had just had our baby girl on tuesday and she is now on rest in the house so no doubt I will be back to pestering you all :-)
  12. I have decided I am going away again.... very quickly :-P
  13. Nahh that was a chap called @gregoryrasputin
  14. Haha totally missed that! Must still be half sleep :banging-head-on-the-wall-smiley
  15. From what I read the other day this might be a fake. She was stopped at an airport or something like that and she had the 3rd breast in a bag and it was logged on an inventory. can't find where I read it :-(
  16. I am from England matey :-) Been away for the last week and a bit so catching up on all the news. You missed me haha
  17. smartymarty

    Mr.Dutch Sex Change

    Good luck Mr.Dutch.......or should I say Mrs.Dutch ???
  18. Welcome to hax.it mate! There is no such things as stupid mistakes, only stupid people :-P or is it the other way round lol
  19. Welcome to the site mate, nice to see you're still around :-) @tthousand I personally wouldn't get a ps4 yet as there is still limited games for it. I just sold my second PS4 the other day because of the lack of games out yet.
  20. No worries mate. The offer still stands it you want to have the function untill version 4 is release?
  21. I am more than willing to pay for that function for the forum :-) It's something that is very handy and I think alot of memebers benifit from it. @Gregoryrasputin give me a shout and I can sort it out
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