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  1. 最偉剣坐

    Chrono Cross ultimate hack wanted?

    chronocompendium forums... member Danetta fulfilled almost every single thing on my list... except music modding... https://www.chronocompendium.com/Forums/index.php?topic=10836.msg227072#msg227072
  2. 最偉剣坐

    PS3 Developer KaKaRoTo Needs Your Help

    Stage 4 was the only thing good to come out of GT. but i digress. thanks so much man!
  3. 最偉剣坐

    This Guy Spent £100,000 On Plastic Surgery

  4. 最偉剣坐

    PS3 Developer KaKaRoTo Needs Your Help

  5. 最偉剣坐

    Chrono Cross ultimate hack wanted?

    I know. But i want embedded hacks. Not codes...
  6. 最偉剣坐

    Chrono Cross ultimate hack wanted?

    i need lessons though in mips...
  7. 最偉剣坐

    Chrono Cross ultimate hack wanted?

    fixed... thanks for removing captcha check on quick edit.
  8. 最偉剣坐

    Chrono Cross ultimate hack wanted?

    1. Current room music used for all regular battles. 2. Dark Serge, Garai, Guillot, Fargo, Radius, Taurusoid doppelganger Crash/Glitch free. **i would be satisfied with just 1 & 2 but, heck i'm ambitious/crazy** 3. Add ability of any char. Can perform z-slash as slash without hang. 4. These playable char.(Norris,Mel,Steena) added to doppelganger list... 5. These starting equip effects to all doppelganger enemies.(Energizer Suit, white brooch, moonglasses, Dreamer's Sarong) 6.All 3 can be transformed via doppelganger at the same time without duplicate error. 7.Remove duplicate weapon stuck in head glitch, happens when a character comes out of doppelganger. 8. Any char. can equip/move any element to anywhere. 9.Add equip of Dario's masamune to Radius, Fargo, Steena, Leena. 10. Start New Game with all tech's/element's/equips in inventory. 11. Playable Char. Starting Stats/Grid modifier. 12. All elements have infinite use. *crazy*: Now the Hardest one... Add Gi, Lu, Che Delilas & Songi(second form),to doppelganger. from Legend of Legaia.