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  1. Thanks Greg Hamdoullah things are getting better lately Awesome !! that's good news, I never had the chance to try it. I'm more interested in homebrows specially emulators
  2. Hello everyone I hope you're doing well I'm not a new member, just saying I'm back (hope so) I wasn't very active lately, it's been more than a year since my last time here (due to health and personal issues) I'm not even sure if you guys remember me lol so let me introduce myself again I'm Billal (Mourad) from Algeria Hey @GregoryRasputin did i miss something
  3. Thanks , I changed it yesterday after your message on twitter, thankfully I use a unique password for every forum, so it's not a big deal if it get stolen
  4. Happy Birthday @NeoSabin Wondering what's @GregoryRasputin's present ?
  5. Trust me it's quite good, but so sweet.
  6. Happy Birthday It's Basboussa right? or how do you call it guys ? its been a while since I ate one
  7. Damn it was so sad. Again Innocent people paid the hard price. my thoughts goes the the families of the victims. France get your s**t together !!!! Is the lives of your people less important than your interests ? Those who you helped in Libya against Gaddafi are the same guys that you are fighting in Mali and now they are killing each other in Syria through proxy wars. Enough with the lies .... My God thats terrible !!! I hope things get better sooner
  8. WOW I'm speechless, so according to writer those scums had the great idea of using an expensive console system as a communication tool instead of some free software that do a better job .... lame
  9. Hi everyone Quick question, I'm building a PC for a friend, it's mainly dedicated to Architecture, Graphic Designing and maybe some very light 3D modeling (and no advanced rendering), BTW not gaming related MB: ASUS Z97-K CPU: I7 4790 GPU: GTX970 4GB or R9 280x (any suggestions ?) RAM: 8GB DDR3 2133MHZ HDD: 1TB SEAGATE (or WD) SSD: 120GB PU: 750W haven't decided yet on witch model so what do you suggest to me guys ? BTW keep in mind that this build is not gaming related THANKS IN ADVANCE
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