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  1. like @TheDarkprogramer said answer is NO and you will never find PS4 with fw 1.76 for <= 200 GBP/Eur/Potato/Tomato
  2. wanna be fair and create auction so who give me better offer would accept
  3. Hi all I would like to sell my PS4 (fw 1.76) but didn't find anywhere similar section on forum, don't wanna be banned so asking polite I'm in London but will send to EU (buyer pay for delivery) Let me know
  4. All the best in 2016 with a lot good stuff
  5. there is whole site with almost ALL firmwares if someone need link is: SYSTEM http://gxarena.com/Firmwares/PS4 RECOVERY http://gxarena.com/Firmwares/PS4/Recovery/
  6. one question that I have tried and don't quite understand if U make dump from example 2.57 and update to 3.11 and after that write 2.57 back to SPI from where PS4 taking version when U try to restore?? Is that saved to MediaCon or some other place???
  7. ok found solution as I have switch BD drive few weeks ago that was causing error (as is from another PS4 remove it till you update and go on) also I did check if it works (copied game all good) but issue is running game from disk (CE-35888-2) so question, can this be modified trough SPI flash so I can play disk games? or I'm doomed on digital from now on?
  8. sorry to hear that but as I said that someone post here if used any of this keys but people obviously don't care I don't have any more, if I get will PM you 1st
  9. nope, didn't help at all, still have same fakin E-FFFFFFFB error, don't know what to do anymore...have no idea
  10. If someone is playing here is 4 keys from me for PS4 (if U use key it add in thread used so I'll update post) D6H3-6MNH-83FL F4LH-D8NC-J6CE NNA7-2LN6-N29P H696-2ENC-4B3C
  11. Will do...hope for best
  12. Don't know man...will wait...wanna my PS4 back to life
  13. Yes :-) as I have 2TB disk :-(
  14. Well right now is recovery initialization 4h to finish...that is my last hope...
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