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  1. That is a total disaster! What the heck's gone trough Russia's governement's head? If that would be the cost for me, i would've been gone to prison for not paying off. Just hoping that this get's eased on your side greg.
  2. Thanks xD , thanks bro. Thank you Google up "PS3MFW Builder v1.0" B7U3 C50SS's Name should be there and mine Let's see if i'll still be unknowned for many xD
  3. Haha xD If i named myself "RedDot-3ND7355" atleast i would less "stranger" xD\ Thanks though
  4. Ohh god, what happened here? You can take all the time you need Greg to do your things, i know what you mean. Having a life is the main reason why i have been inactive. B7U3, There is no rush only for a title...
  5. Thanks! I'm going to need that
  6. Hello! Endless back from the dead! 2 Last exams and i can resume all the work that is undone!! Wish me luck Also if you have anything in mind that i could fix up for ps3mfw builder, pm me or reply to this topic! Other than those: -Auto create "ps3mfw.log" for new users. -Support for 4.70 & 4.75 OFW. -Coldboot replacement fix for 4xx Would really appreciate it. -Peace out bros.
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