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  1. stussy

    Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak all the best and have a safe holiday to all
  2. nice to see this again cheers i pick 44 good luck to everyone
  3. i started with black ops 1 mw3 and then black ops 2 mainly multi player havent really played the campaigns also not interested in zombies liked black ops 1 + 2 hope 3 is just as good havent played the older ones is it worth it for online i mean ?
  4. uncharted is good also need for speed but to be honest did sony just ditch this console all together i will just keep my one on 3.18 tn.v as i havent seen anything new for it locked away building up cobwebs
  5. dont care what anyone says but the ps4 controller sucks only reason why i bought a x1 over a ps4
  6. i get that problem with chrome as well there is a way around it before it finishes downloading go to file and allow it to open
  7. dont need it but like to play i will try 79
  8. did you have to buy patapon 2 while you where on 3.36 or doesnt matter as i installed it while on 3.18 to get the exploit running together with tekken 2
  9. how awsome he still did have a problem with blueray though
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