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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 37/100 My Time 264 seconds
  2. Here a test build for all, Hotkey menu is L3: ps3_vsh_menu_033.sprx I'm going for the next additions
  3. now I'd like to blit the ICON0.PNG with a simple 2X scale factor like "pixelate" effect, to get a full framed game background, original size it's a bit smaller for our canvas... don't miss alpha blended text shadows and fading colors, for christmas!
  4. I have ffmpeg, it can capture the screen via x11grab device, on linux
  5. let me be more productive reporting some of next additions to my favourite ps3_vsh_menu: running with webMAN-MOD will use wm_request to mount/unmount, I'm testing folder games from hdd0 and works well (more info on the change set) parsing SFO from cobra let us get parameters, including real title, with special chars. technically speaking I'm playing my test implementing opendir(), readdir(), qsort() from vsh_export etc. fun with a minimal template
  6. you have just pass the configure phase, then you have to build according to target with make. there you'll got buildfail, if your toolchain is expecting the ppu target... so you'll need patching configure.sub, generated by configure phase; finally, if it is a library, it must be installed into portlibs folders (lib, include, etc) to be founded and linked against. more, psl1ght v1/v2 differs
  7. could you print at least the content of cell/version-SDK since it's only a not copyrighted referring number, for the two versions you have?
  8. another test, this time blitting the entire background (720x400 pixel foreach frame): it draws about 17 frames per second
  9. so, digging into small changes I can spot out 25 fps, with stars moving and sinusscroller waving:
  10. nice to see different evolutions from the main "ps3_vsh_menu" project, better when sources are released, as in this case. I like test codes, and in my tests I've started getting infos about frames per second, so in screenshot the result of littlebalup's one! (I don't have png images on HDD, so the plugin here is only blitting texts) menu refreshes about 20 frames per second... (that's why we need also to optimize code) nice job, friend
  11. well, (in the past?) game update was occuring just once, but just skipping with circle does the job... you can also try to block the connection to the game update server
  12. we'll see simple text shadows by 2px (in this demo we miss alpha blend), a simple sinuscroller, but finally I've found a way to show the starfield moving. In a pc I test raw pixel painting functions in this Tiny Remote Frame Buffer server, connecting with TigerVNC on localhost:5913. (Single threaded port, no double buffer, screen size reflects ps3_vsh_menu size, only to test pieces of code) video Screen grabbed as explained here. For the record, sometimes I put some shot from my changes here.
  13. FFMpeg is one, another protocols: RTP https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real-time_Transport_Protocol RTSP http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/25368/how-to-play-rtsp-stream-under-linux-for-the-bosch-autodome-junior-hd-iva-camera http://www.live555.com/liveMedia/#testProgs
  14. it turns out that all derived version from 3141card's proof-of-concept doesn't work on latest 4.75 vsh: pad data results in zeroed bytes. this was fixed by 3141card, check github.
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