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  1. Think exactly the same but doesn't help with the ps4 motto" this is for the players "
  2. Ps4 again with play all your old games again as there still aren't that many games but new visuals on those old games yippee
  3. Does this spoof in sort of the same way as the ps3? Just wondering on the technical side.
  4. How long does it take to do all five vita games available?
  5. Ps1/ps2/ps3 I would say where more worth it. These just seem there making silms or whatever for no real reason apart from a plan of the two sale console cycle we are now stuck in.
  6. I think blocking from the router is safer until maybe a true offline method is. Available.
  7. Wanting vhbl on the vita TV an easy way so I can take it where I don't have an Internet connection but can't get it going. Nevermind formatting everything got it going [emoji106].
  8. I'm not getting this keep getting error c1-2858-3 hmm I'm not very good
  9. Does this mean we still need a Web connection to launch the vhbl bubble? Keep getting a white screen error on it
  10. Being Messing around with my vita for weeks, manually updating it, bubbles, vitaftp must say bringing life to it (playing stuff while in hospital) then this comes along lol. Its been great time waster while in hospital [emoji106].
  11. Cheers for the heads up I almost got this
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