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  1. I haven't bought one yet. The dollar value practically doubled because of the pandemic and the stagnant economy, making the PS4 a luxury item. But I haven't given up yet. With the recent 6.72 exploit finding a hackeable console has become less of a problem!
  2. Sorry for the long delay. I'm moving house, still without a decent Internet provider. I am happy to see that the playstationhax is still alive, and I sincerely hope that you will overcome the problems and enjoy peace and health. You did a lot for the playstation scene and you deserve it. Thanks for the tips, I will look for the right model to hack. I'll be back soon with lots of noob questions :)
  3. Hello people. I'm glad to see that this site still exists. Some time ago the page went offline, and I thought it was the end of playstationhax.xyz. Well, after a long hiatus from the console world, I'm thinking about finally buying a ps4. The goal, of course, is to hack it to take advantage of the console's full potential - making it clear: my focus is not piracy, but homebrews and the ability to run backups - Is there anything I need to know about different models and firmwares? I know, by reading the forums I could find out about the subject, but after a few years away it would mean lot of work and I am an irremediable lazy Ps. My english is still broken :)
  4. This is reason enough for people like me. I really hate video latency and input lag
  5. I've been very busy lately, but I'm always lurking the forums around here. I also miss all the activity (and drama) of the ps3 scene. Glad to see some old faces here! I'm currently spending almost all my free time playing Zelda: botw on Wii-U. Unbelievably addictive game! * My english is still broken xD
  6. I am not impressed. Still, I'll probably buy the console just to play Xenoblade
  7. Well, I really like emulators and tried many Wii emus on vWii. Unfortunately, the input lag makes the experience intolerable. I tried NES, GBA, MSX, Genesis and SNES emus and the result was always the same input lag. RPGs like Pokémon and Final Fantasy are playable, but I do not recommend playing games like Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis) , Batman (NES) or Pocky and Rocky (SNES) - or any SHMUP - emulated on vWii...
  8. LoboGuara


    Thanks for everything you have done for the scene, GregoryRasputin. Take your time.
  9. Apparently, the method works "injecting" games on the hard disk and only encourages piracy. Not really relevant for those who expect kernel access and homebrews
  10. Welcome back GregoryRasputin. Shit happens, but time changes everything. Good to see this place up and running again
  11. The movie is so bad... stereotypical and sexist, one of the worst acting performances I've ever seen.
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