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  1. LoboGuara

    Happy Birthday GregoryRasputin!

    Happy birthday @GregoriRasputin \o
  2. LoboGuara

    Happy birthday zecoxao!

    Parabéns zecoxao
  3. LoboGuara

    GregoryRasputin Is Back Yet Again

    Congratulations, and welcome back
  4. LoboGuara

    Guys I Miss You - Where Are You :(

    I've been very busy lately, but I'm always lurking the forums around here. I also miss all the activity (and drama) of the ps3 scene. Glad to see some old faces here! I'm currently spending almost all my free time playing Zelda: botw on Wii-U. Unbelievably addictive game! * My english is still broken xD
  5. LoboGuara

    All You Need To Know About #Nintendo #Switch

    I am not impressed. Still, I'll probably buy the console just to play Xenoblade
  6. LoboGuara

    Happy Birthday @3absiso

    Happy Birthday @ 3absiso \o
  7. Well, I really like emulators and tried many Wii emus on vWii. Unfortunately, the input lag makes the experience intolerable. I tried NES, GBA, MSX, Genesis and SNES emus and the result was always the same input lag. RPGs like Pokémon and Final Fantasy are playable, but I do not recommend playing games like Adventures of Batman and Robin (Genesis) , Batman (NES) or Pocky and Rocky (SNES) - or any SHMUP - emulated on vWii...
  8. LoboGuara


    Thanks for everything you have done for the scene, GregoryRasputin. Take your time.
  9. LoboGuara

    OTP Access Through IOSU Kernel By Donald_Trump

    Apparently, the method works "injecting" games on the hard disk and only encourages piracy. Not really relevant for those who expect kernel access and homebrews
  10. LoboGuara

    Happy Birthday zecoxao

    Parabéns, zecoxao!
  11. LoboGuara

    GregoryRasputin Is Back And So Is PlayStationHaX

    Welcome back GregoryRasputin. Shit happens, but time changes everything. Good to see this place up and running again
  12. LoboGuara

    Ghostbusters 2016

    The movie is so bad... stereotypical and sexist, one of the worst acting performances I've ever seen.
  13. LoboGuara

    Happy Birthday LoboGuara

    Its endemic and not well known outside South America. Looks like a fox with long legs
  14. LoboGuara

    Happy Birthday LoboGuara

    Thank you guys. 44 is my lucky number \o thank you! It's a maned wolf, not a fox
  15. LoboGuara

    .@smealum Releases iosuhax For Wii U

    didnt saw the kexploit thread xD Well, it works. Im running loadiine on my 5.5.1