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  1. There are certainly other ways to do this now, but I still find the way I did it in this thread to be the most stable and reversible. As compared to the official USB boot method which requires permanently setting a bit in the boot code to boot from USB. Not to mention that the official method is not supported in anything older than the Pi3, was it? I was trying to find a way to edit my original post to update the tutorial with more current information, but I guess all of the updates and changes in forum software make it impossible :S. Anywho, for anyone reading this thread and bein
  2. No, he doesn't, but teasing something like this is also just rude. It's like the boy that cried wolf, the more he teases hacks and never releases them, the more I am inclined to believe that he is lying for attention. I bet I am not alone when it comes to Math. I don't have a horse in this race, I do not have a PS4, I am just looking at past experience when it came to the PS3.
  3. 5.53... It's Math, so it will probably never be released to the public. Or if it is, it will be due to a leak.
  4. These look very neat, but I already got a cheapo red PCB one that I have not used yet. I need to look into it one of these days and see what I can do with the adapter.
  5. I am still around I actually probably check this site once a month or so. Not so much the forum. My job is keeping me a little too busy to do much else and what freetime I do have, I tend to spend more of it on tinkering with SBCs like the Raspberry Pi and the Asus Tinkerboard rather than gaming. Hopefully work won't continue taking up so much of my time, but bills have to be paid. That and I have not owned any of the the current gen consoles. I just haven't been able to justify buying one knowing I will probably not have the time to play on it that often.
  6. Hey guys, it's been quite a while since I was active in any hacking forums. I was wondering if there was anyone here that can help me out. There probably was some good amount of progress in the PS3 scene in the years I have been gone. My PS3 is an old fat 80GB NOR console with the RSOD issue. It was running CFW with the RSOD bypass built in, but I am not sure if there are better options now, or whether or not this is built into all new CFWs? I was also using the old downgrade with 9.99 pups and running rsodfix to clear the RSOD whenever it popped up (when I noticed tha
  7. Guys, it has never cost $35 anywhere really. That is the posted price, but anywhere you go to get one, it will almost always be $40 to $50+ depending on the demand at the time. The closer you buy to release day, the more expensive it is. I snagged my Pi2 last year for $37 shipped from Amazon. The sites advertising it for $35 will demand a hefty sum for shipping. No GB ethernet and no upgrade to RAM make me want to wait for Pi4.
  8. Oh goodie! Dongle dildos are back with the DRM you love! Heck, it has a new, ribbed, phallic shape this time around too! Aren't you guys excited to pay for piracy?
  9. When you do sudo apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade on Raspbian, it will, at times, update the firmware of Pi itself (when such updates are available). So perhaps it is somehow possible to change the boot to another location, but is it worth it? My old Raspberry Pi has been running for 2+ years off of an external HDD with boot being on the SD card. Right now I am wondering what project I should try out with my old Pi...
  10. Since I got my Raspberry Pi 2, I have been going through this stuff in Raspbian Jessie (actually Minibian Jessie to keep my setup light). This guide works just fine.
  11. Happy birthday to the site! Sent from my OnePlus One 45
  12. Happy Birthday Greg! Sent from my OnePlus One
  13. They seem to go for about $40 or so on eBay. The thing is, I have never been interested in the Wii and have had this thing collecting dust for years since I got it for free... Useless to me. Sent from my OnePlus One
  14. It's not, but I'd rather have a few bucks than have it laying around. Sent from my OnePlus One
  15. I have a Wii laying around that I am thinking of selling. I did a factory reset on it, but I still have the Priiloader menu: Anyway to get rid of that and get it to full stock, or almost fully stock? It's on the latest FW. Also, anyone know how much I can get for it? Wii, power brick, Nyko Wiimote, Composite and Monoprice Component cables, plus the sensorbar?
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