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  1. Yeah the neverending scam with paypal chargebacks....
  2. That xmb edit had nothing to do with the group. Was just me testing some stuff and making a simple db edit. And for now nothing get's shared what's getting discussed inside of the group. So can't give any specifics, it's nothing special.
  3. Thanks for beeing such an asshole vapour... but that's just you Just to be clear, it's NOT my group. It's just some ppl sharing and testing idea's. This has nothing to do with working on some super CFW. So don't expect anything
  4. Happy Birthday PlayStationHaX Are moderators even allowed to enter?
  5. It's swwms I can't usw my w (that's not a w but an w) button anymorw. Wvwrytimw whwn I typw an w I gwt an W.
  6. Tried compiling this on ubuntu, but sadly no luck. compiling elfldr itself is no problem, but as soon as I add main.c from ps4link/ps4link/source/main.c it errors, with clang about a linker error.
  7. Yeah it takes a while to load, but after a while your PS4 led should go blue when the penguins are loaded. So to get my facts straight it only worked for 1 time? (I can reproduce it many many times). What proxy are you using? Which Playground? And are you proxying? Or can you use the browser on the PS4?
  8. If that's really PSHush... I already have it. The downgrade option from 3.50 beta to 3.15 is an official option when you are in the beta....
  9. Linux is the least interesting you're even replacing the whole kernel with a new kernel then First a release of complete source would be nice So we can start compiling.
  10. Haven't seen such a bad fake in years.... omg...
  11. For people on windows, you can also use windows Netcat for sending the file to the PS4. Windows Netcat: https://mega.nz/#!t8sFGLqD!5RTA-wOiRxZddgumLtHdKBuBtRh-gJqNAPbdCo_kzL4 I use this to send the exploit to the PS4 with the command: nc.exe -w 3 9023 < ps4exp_krn_data_dump.bin
  12. Rebug always released their CFW this way... It's always a link from a txt file.
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