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  1. Thanks. Good thing is, I still don't act old, so not your typical middle age guy here. I refuse to be boring.
  2. Just did everything through D-Rex. Switched kernel and target to CEX, enabled QA toggle, installed 999 downgrader and then 3.55 OFW. All went fine. Thanks all for the help. It's nice to be able to bring this console back to life.
  3. I'm writing it to the console as I type. From what I can tell, it's just the one I uploaded that's been patched for 3.55 FSM downgrade. And it's alive. I had no idea I could just patch it for 3.55 FSM downgrading and recover it that way. Something so simple..... Now, I want to get it back to retail mode on plain old 3.55 OFW. Any ideas what steps I'd take to do this?
  4. Like I said before, odds are good that the original owner got the console banned and tried patching/changing the console ID causing the brick. That said, I'm not too worried about someone trying to use a banned ID.
  5. I tried it just now. Still fails updating with the same error I was getting before. The original owner swears the console was fine until they installed a patch, and on reboot, it was like this. The fact it's a 2500 makes me believe more that the issue is most likely software related. Here's my flash, if anyone that is knowledgeable can have a look and if possible fix this, I'd appreciate it. I'm very unfamiliar with DEX and conversions, so I don't want to make this console my guinea pig. http://www.ps3downgrade.co.uk/Misc/Dumps/Dump.rar
  6. I'm not sure. Alot of times, tools that can manipulate the flash will require the eid rootkey, which I don't have. And since the console isn't running, I have no way of generating it.
  7. Thanks, though looking at the dump, it seems the original owner was messing around with trying to patch the console ID. As the one he has in here is most likely banned (which is why he would have tried patching it), I won't bother blocking them. There are four dangers and 28 warnings (the warnings are the typical ROS0 ones you see when validating newer flashes, so those aren't anything to be concerned with). Here's the full validation result, where it's easy to see the corruption in IDPS under IDPS info. This dump would need to be edited to resolve this, though I have no way of knowing how to do this.
  8. Yeah, I've tried with a different hard drive, no go. The issue is definitely within the flash. I'll make a dump of it and have a look.
  9. Indeed. The USB has power, but not able to sync. It's as if GameOS has completely halted during the IPL phase.
  10. That method mentions needing the eid rootkey, which I don't have. Same here. I never was big on DEX, so I don't really know the ins and outs of conversions. Don't suppose you'd know where I could find this? The fact that it does attempt to install from the USB drive after triggering FSM tells me it must be in that mode (otherwise it wouldn't be triggered by the lv2diag.self file in the first place). I've had other consoles (though very rarely) that were FSM enabled even though they didn't turn off. It's not common, but I've seen it happen before. The details are sketchy as to exactly what was done, but my understanding is that the DEX conversion was complete and something done later on caused the brick. I've used the same psgroove payload for a few years now, and 99.9% of the time, the consoles do power off when triggered, but I've had rare occasions where that didn't happen. The power light does flash, it just doesn't turn off. I'll look for it. Thanks. It's weird to be honest. If just doing a normal boot, it powers on, a couple seconds of the hard drive light flickering and USB works. It never does any beeping and will just continue to run, though with no display. The only way to turn it off is to pull the plug, as the power and eject buttons don't do anything while it's on.
  11. Just wondering if it's possible to recover a bricked console that's been converted to DEX. I'm not sure what the original owner did to get it bricked, and he doesn't have backups of the original 3.55 norbin files he made when converting it. I've only ever done recoveries using backups of original dumps, but since they're not available, I'm wondering if this is possible without having access to them. The console's in good shape, it's a CECH-25xx, so definitely worth trying to save. I've tried enabling factory service mode (which does seem to work, as the light on my xplain turns green, but the console doesn't turn itself off afterward). Then put the usual lv2diag.self file, along with the standard Rogero patched 3.55, which failed very shortly into installing. Then tried it with the RSOD recovery update and same result. Same error code on both, which was shown in the updater log as UpdatePackage() failure manufacturing updating FAILURE(0x8002f157) Total Elapsed time = 14427 msec This is the entire updater log file
  12. If the GPL code you're referring to is our emulator (PCSX2), then I can assure you this isn't the case. Sony hired a couple devs from our team to work for them. They've told us that Sony does things very much like we do, but it's not identical (in code text or workings) as ours.
  13. Could always get a PS4 and transfer your character. As for WiiU, don't even own one (didn't even know they had GTAV on the thing), so that's out of the question.
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