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  1. Aww, great to know that I'm missed @GregoryRasputin! I may not post that much anymore, but I do still visit and read the news at least once a week!
  2. Since the best number is too high, I'll pick the second best. 69
  3. Is Bruce Jenner no more since he became Caitlyn Jenner? Just because you change your present/future name does not erase your past. Or does it? 63
  4. One year later and @GregoryRasputin is still riding @Pirate's dick... 57
  5. Yeah, it's an old, old school Hotmail address. So, that was probably the issue.
  6. All good now @GregoryRasputin
  7. Thanks man. Had been trying for a little bit to get the password back and gave up. Wasn't to lazy to create another account and post this time tho... lol
  8. When I was still playing I was both Pub and Imp, pretty fun game but when no one you know plays it does get boring forming pugs all the time when you're guild only runs 2 different raids a week.
  9. Some games alone over here in the states fetch over 5000 a pop, some much, much higher, some only a dollar at the most.
  10. Holding the receipt has a purpose as long as it's under warenty, after that it's pretty much pointless.
  11. I got married.... nah, my wife is cool, always nice marrying a chick that is into chicks as much as you are
  12. Who are they congratulating? You or your mom for spitting you out? Happy birthday btw.
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