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  1. Mart1

    Dump syscon entirely

    YEs it's the first step but after if i can't reinject it in my blank syscon it's useless
  2. Mart1

    Dump syscon entirely

    Arf and throught a cfw it's not possible to just dump syscon ? (just for information)
  3. Hi, I would like to dump my syscon (i already have a teensy and many jailbreak at this moment) . I must dump it entirely for reinject it in another blank syscon. What can i do for do that ? Or most simple, is it possible ? (no problem for desolve it or for doing something like this) I already know that Each syscon is married to the CPU and flash, i just want to dump it. http://www.ps3devwiki.com/ps3/SW2-303 Abkarino do a arduino script (at the end, part "Dumping SC EEPROM - hardware way") but it's for BGA syscon...http://www.ps3devwiki.com/ps3/SC_EEPROM#Dumping_SC_EEPROM_-_hardware_way Thx !
  4. I have exactly same problem as you... @Abkarino do you know what are the function of these four filters... ?Because that interesting to know why are they here if we can remove them
  5. I'm a professional of this type of reparation on ps3 so i think they are no major difference between ps3 and ps4 for this type of reparation. I bought another HDMI port and HDMI controller yesterday on ebay. In my opinion and as i can see, i think i will replace HDMI controller before HDMI port. Do you think the problem how cause this issue could come from another component like CPU or something like that ? Thx for all these answers.
  6. I already tried HDMI 1.3 ; 1.4 and 2.0
  7. There isn't Av port on PS4... Nothing happened i have already try that Thanks anyway !
  8. Hi to all, I have a PS4 (SAA-001) and i have a major problem...I don't have any output with it... I tried two HDMI cable ; two TV ; two hardrive but nothing. I already tried to go in recovery same problem. But exept that the PS4 works perfectly, My console swallows well disks ; no problem for recharging my DS4 ; white light ; but no output This arrived after another problem how is now resolved : My power supply didn't work so i just remplaced it so now i don't have any problem with it. Thx very much for your help !
  9. So what do you mean ? the problem is on my update ?And my OFW ps3's gives me these errors because detect that it's not official update ? Do you have these tools ?(In this question i mean if yes, is it possible for you to build for me this update ?) Thanks for your answer.
  10. Hi ! Nop...i tried everything and if my update work a charm, the game doesn't want to launch i don't know why... And i really don't know why because it's like a game with official update and normally those game doesn't have any issues... So i do a break in my research for now.
  11. NOw i have a working update !! The problem is solve by an update of true ancestor v1.91 to 1.96. So now NBA 2K15 working like a charm with my update ! Next step is inject it in my ultra slim thanks to Pexloit.
  12. Now i have a "working" (not totally see below) update. My game starts without any errors, the problem comes from the param.sfo. Instead of take param.sfo from burnout paradise v1.80 and make modifications on it for adapt it to nba 2k15, I take the param.sfo from BF4 v1.16 and like the others i make modifications on it for adapt it to nba 2k15. So, now my game starts without issue ! But I have another problem, at the main screen, the game says it doesn't detect any wireless controller, he purpose me to connect one to my console and press PS. But of course, if i connect a controller with the wire, the game still doesn't detect any controller... However, the controller is detect by the ps3 because if i press PS on game, i have the transparency main screen of my ps3 as usual
  13. Hi, sorry for the delay. I extracted the update 1.80 of burnout paradise with pkgview v1.3. After that i resigned the eboot .bin like the eboot.bin of NBA 2K15 to NPDRM (With true_ancestor self resigner) I replaced the eboot.bin in the update with the resigned eboot.bin. I rebuild the package with true ancestor pkg creator. I installed it on my ps3 --> no issue...
  14. TrueAncestor_SELF_Resigner_v1.91 and True ancestor pkg creator v1.00 for build my update
  15. Nop for the moment i just tried my package on my cfw ps3's via install package files
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