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  1. That's what I'm afraid of.... maybe it would be better to move to the PS4.... but not fun scene on PS4 yet...
  2. Hey sceners!, I'm thinking of getting another PS3, because I had to sell my old one last year. I want to know if PSN for PS3 is still running and if there are players still on The Last Of Us. That game is the one I'm most interested in playing online. Thanks for your help!
  3. Greetings to you all. A lot happened to me in the last year. Got married, moved out from Venezuela. Found a nice job. Things are good. Peace and health to you all. Cheers.
  4. I used manual pressure on the clip as always. The PS3 was running 4.65 i think. How can i be sure NOR chip is damaged? I don't see any visible damage, and as far as i know, i keep getting good valid identical dumps. I'm uploading my dump to my cloud and will PM you guys with the link. Thanks!
  5. Yes, it matches.
  6. I have checked the original dump with BwE and it passed, some warnings (i think they are normal), but on the essential part (per console) mtldr data is OK.
  7. I have always rely on that tool. I've downgraded many consoles. And yes, one only backup. How can i make sure that i have a valid backup? I mean the most unique part. Maybe its still recoverable using like a generic dump for that console and inserting the unique per console parts?
  8. Hello, I was trying to downgrade this PS3 SLIM CECH-2501A, i made a NOR backup and the PS3 Flash Tool v4.65 return VALID for that backup. So i proceed to patch the dump and go back to the ps3 to write the new patched nor dump. All done, the E3 said flashing all LEDS meaning all ok. Then i reconnect the HDD and Bluray Drive. But now i have no video, no sound, no HDD LED activity, nothing. And the console stays awake forever. I tried changing the thermal paste. I tried flashing the original backup. I tried a little reflow on CPU/GPU chips. I tried using another HDD. All that with no positive result. What is going on? Never had something like this. SORRY. This post needs to be on PS3 Help section.
  9. Yeap. No bullshit. If i came across with a documentary in english speak about our economy, i'll post it back.
  10. It's not so much for the high import taxes, that can be managed, it's all about the currency exchange control. That's why no other country accepts our local currency as payment and we can't just buy dollars from the goverment as they won't sell you a dime. And in the black market (as we call it) 1 USD ~ 500 VEF (local currency), as of now. Minimum wage is 7421 VEF, so that would be 15 USD. So yeah, crap country indeed. Cheers. I saw a discBOOT app for ps3 made by deank i think, that supposedly boots the game directly from the BD-drive.
  11. In my country, BD discs is a cheaper choice that buying an HDD. And considering i need big HDD but only 1 BD disc per game.
  12. Is it posible to load a backup disc game (Bluray or DVD DL) using MultiMan? I tried but always with a trophy error or in the worst case, the game wouldn't boot.
  13. The theme and new features looks great. But i hate the high contrast (black and white) when multiple quotes are displayed in one post.
  14. limker

    PS4 BLOD

    it beeps when I hold the power button to turn it on or off. I guess that means no beeps. In that case you have the second type of BLOD as described by @AlphaHack
  15. limker

    PS4 BLOD

    Does it beep 3 times or no beeps at all?
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