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  1. How did you spoofed it in memory? A tutorial so I could play the new games would be nice :-)
  2. Just download the psp game in your ps3, do not install it... then connect the vita and transfer it. The ps3 will activate the console. If you have activation issues because of Sony's limit then do no do the massive/all console deactivation that they have online. Simply make a call to their support and tell them to remove which console you want manually :-)
  3. ^ awesome ps4 mods! nice taste in graphics!
  4. well the idea sounds good... like a localhost for ps4 but i suppose the guys here would have let us know if it was possible.
  5. I converted it to u32 and tried to run it from the playground but it crashes. Why is this compiled(1025kb) version a lot larger than the simple ftp+debug (24kb) since you only add a line? Probably fx0day removed unwanted stuff from it. If anyone here has a compiled lite version of the advanced debug or already converted to u32 please send me a copy to do tests with the playground. Thank ya!
  6. Hey guys! Probably not the best place to post this but... I've been trying to test this for days and I am still getting memory errors. I am on 1.76, tested after database rebuild and settings restore. Also tried hosting the files on my own site, localhost via pc, skfu and charles proxy (hosted on pc), also using the web files/ftp usb port of my router with the playground hosted there... tested within the manual method and browser. I was only able to run Linux only after database rebuild and loading the files from CTurt's github. Any idea? Thank you!
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